Find Your Animal Spirit Guide (Spiritual Corner With Amy)

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animal spirit guide
This is dedicated to my new friend Julie, and to Aubrey and Marion. May they rest in peace.
Most people know they are guided throughout life by angels, guardian angels and their ancestors. Some are even aware of the presence of the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus, Mother Mary and Buddha, to name a few. But not too many people realize they are being guided by animal spirits as well. Here’s a little story of someone I recently met who had no idea she was being guided by an insect.

While in Brazil I made a connection with a beautiful soul named Julie. She is very aware of spirituality, although not totally educated about the guides we have. A few days after starting our healing journey, she approached me with a concern. Her humor brought a smile to my face as she told me about a caterpillar which had joined her in her room. Her words went something like this: “I feel the need to take care of it although I am pretty sure it could kill me in my sleep.” Apparently she Googled photos of Brazilian caterpillars that looked like the one in her room to find out that it was poisonous. Julie wasn’t afraid of it, though. She did ask me if I thought this situation was weird. As I laughed I mentioned to her that this caterpillar could be one of her spirit guides. Her eyes got big as she blurted out, “REALLY?” I then went onto Google and typed in “spiritual meaning of a caterpillar.” As she read the meaning she could not believe how significant the meaning was to her life right at that moment. So she decided to take care of this caterpillar until the day she took it outside. While we were all getting ready to pack and leave, she found a spider under her suitcase. I asked her if she Googled that and she hadn’t. That spider made her recall a time at her home when spiders seemed to take over her front porch to the point of not being able to walk anywhere without walking into a spider web. That moment made her Google the meaning to see that at that time of her life, the spider was guiding her.

There have been many times in my life when animals and insects have tried to get my attention. A few years ago I remember smelling skunk for days when I was outside. And the smell seemed to be wherever I went. Then one night I was getting ready to let my dog out back and when I flicked on the light there were about four baby skunks at my back door. Thank goodness I didn’t open the door first.

A few years ago when I was an avid runner and loved running on the trail, I would see tons of deer that never seemed to be bothered by me. In my head I thought I should look them up as soon as I got home. I had always forgotten about it by the time I was home. Then one day I almost hit one driving and had the thought again. And again, I forgot about it until the day I was running on the trail and almost ran smack into the side of a deer. We had a nice long glare at each other before I decided to get running, promising the deer (in my head) that I would finally look up the meaning when I got home.

In May of 2016 driving up Richlandtown Pike with my friend Cassandra, we spotted a snapping turtle in the middle of the road. It was a very dangerous area and we both knew that if we didn’t try to save it, it would get run over. I pulled my car off the road, said a quick prayer and got out of my car. Without hesitation I grabbed the back of the turtle and started pushing him toward the side of the road where he was headed. He was way too heavy to pick up and I didn’t want to take the chance of getting bitten. He proceeded to walk as fast as he could into the grass on his way. I ran fast to the car, jumped in and was turning the car around when a tractor-trailer sped past, right where the turtle was. It was literally seconds after I was in my car. Of course I was thanking God and the angels for sparing our lives.
animal spirit guide
After that day I continued to see turtles and I’m still seeing them. It was during my cancer journey which started in August of that year that they were very prevalent. It was the perfect spirit animal for me, since the meaning of the turtle is longevity, endurance, persistence and the continuation of life (sometimes against incredible odds).

You may be asking, “What made her think they were animal spirit guides?”
Back in 2014 I took a course called “Become a Certified Spirit Guide Coach” under Deborah King. During this 5-week course I was educated on the different guides we have throughout our lives and how we are never alone, ever. It was reassuring to know that we are never alone and that we have so many beings in spirit who want to help us. God knew that our ego would make us make some pretty crappy choices and that our life would feel very lonely and very difficult at times. I believe He gave us these guides to walk closer with us when we feel distant from Him.
I am sure you have already heard your name being called and no one was there, or you have had a tingling sensation throughout your body as if there were someone right there with you but you couldn’t see them. Or, maybe you get that feeling like someone is watching you all the time. A great book to read is Do Dead People Watch You Shower? by Concetta Bertoldi. Although it is about our loved ones who passed away, it will bring light to the presence of your guides as well.

There is a difference between animal spirit guides and signs from our loved ones who may come to us as an animal or insect. Here’s a story about a couple who lost their daughter to leukemia at only four years old who loved ladybugs. Once their daughter lost her battle, they decided to get away for a few days by going to Cape May, N.J. During their visit there they decided to visit the Cape May Lighthouse. Both of the parents had been asking their daughter for a sign that she was at peace. When they arrived at the lighthouse and approached it, there were thousands of ladybugs. Both of them were shedding tears of delight for this amazing sign.

The night before my neighbor passed away–the neighbor I had been taking care of who absolutely loved birds–I actually held a cardinal in my hands. It would not fly out of the way of vehicles trying to get through the McDonald’s drive-thru. I thought it was injured. I scooped it up and walked it across the parking lot asking for it to fly away and be safe. With that, it flew out of my hands and up into the trees. Whenever I think of her, a cardinal presents itself to me. I love the fact that I was able to show her a picture of myself holding that cardinal before she passed unexpectedly.

How many of you, like me, have been seeing an overabundance of fireflies? The firefly is a symbol of illumination. They are showing themselves to us because now is the time for us to shine our own light. There is so much darkness in the world that we must stop hiding in the shadows or spreading darkness. They want us to only talk of positive things, spreading love and light wherever we go. If you are finding yourself in a dark space, know that you have a light within you. The firefly will help you find it.
Just as you call on your angels and guides for help, you must also ask your animal guides for help. None of them will interfere with our free will unless it’s a matter of life and death.
There are many stories I could tell you about experiences with not only our animal guides but all of our guides. But I am saving them for a book I hope to write in the near future.
If you would like more information about your animal guides, I am hosting a workshop called What Animal Guides are Guiding You? on Thursday, July 12 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. It will be held at Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown. You must RSVP for this workshop in order to save your seat. You may do so by emailing me at You may also email me any stories you may have of your own experiences.
Love and light always,

Amy Musser, a Hellertown resident, is a spiritual adviser and owner of The Angel Whisperer based at Sacred Space in Hellertown. She was diagnosed with grade 3 astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer, in 2016. She documents her progress fighting the disease and shares inspiration on Facebook.

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