Scammer Threatens to Kill Victims If They Don’t Send Money, Police Say

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Lower Saucon Township Police are warning residents about a frightening new phone scam in which a caller reportedly threatens to kill the victim if they don’t send him money.

Phone Scam

Credit: Lower Saucon Township Police Department

Police said Monday in a post on their Crimewatch website that the department received two reports of this scam on Sunday, Dec. 2.

“In the one incident the person on the line stated that, ‘It (is) not a joke, I have been hired to kill you,'” police said.

The caller then reportedly said, “My boys are following you, you probably have noticed,” and that it could all stop if the victim paid $10,000.

According to police, in the second incident the caller reportedly instructed the victim “not to call police” because his “people on the street will kill and extend it to your family.” In order to stay alive the victim was instructed to send $10,000.

Police urged anyone who receives a call of this nature to call them immediately and not send any money.

Lower Saucon Township Police can be reached at 610-317-6110 or 610-759-2200.

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