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Hummus House Brings Fresh Flavors to Bethlehem’s South Side

Hummus House

After spending eight years serving Allentown, Albert Hechme has brought a Mediterranean twist to South Bethlehem. The Hummus House recently opened at 518 E. Third Street, on the first floor of the Five 10 Flats building.

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Hummus House

The Hummus House recently moved from its former location in Allentown to a new spot at 518 E. Third Street in Bethlehem. The family-owned restaurant specializes in serving up Mediterranean flavors with a twist.

After spending eight years serving Allentown, Albert Hechme has brought a Mediterranean twist to South Bethlehem.

The Hummus House recently opened at 518 E. Third Street, on the first floor of the Five 10 Flats building, and their location in Allentown is now permanently closed.

The Hummus House website describes the new location as a small family-owned restaurant and deli specializing in Middle Eastern flavors. They offer both vegetarian and vegan dishes along with sandwiches made with Boar’s Head meats and Italian bread.

Hechme said he was looking to move his restaurant into a bigger space.

“I was thinking about Bethlehem from the beginning, before I opened up in Allentown,” he said … “I’m happy to be here actually. I really like the area.”

Hechme said that during the process of opening the restaurant, everything was delayed due to a shortage of construction workers and much of the new equipment and furniture being on backorder.

He said a staffing shortage is another challenge they are encountering. He hopes Hummus House will remain open later and have two to three shifts covered in the future.

Hechme said he loves the variety of flavors their foods represent, and the atmosphere.

“What I like about what we do is that we’re not considered a Middle Eastern restaurant, we more or less have a Mediterranean touch from our background,” he said. “We basically modify it and improve on different flavors as far as vegan and meat options. Everything we do has a Mediterranean twist to it.”

Anthony Hechme, co-owner of the restaurant and Albert’s son, said some of their most popular dishes are their chicken cheesesteak, vegan mac and cheese and falafel sandwiches.

He added that their falafel cheesesteak is “famous,” and said a lot of their other menu options aren’t offered anywhere else.

“What makes it unique is our menu for one,” said Anthony Hechme. “Two: the way we actually put the food together and the time we put into it. We kind of do it like we’re eating it ourselves. We never miss any ingredients, any spices, you never need salt or pepper for your food because it’s always there. It’s always perfect.”

George Jaber, the manager of Hummus House, said he loves the intimate work environment the new restaurant offers, as well as the opportunity to find new fans.

He said everyone at Hummus House want customers to be satisfied and happy with the food.

“The flow is just nice between everybody and we all feel like a family,” Jaber said. “The flavors we put in the food, we never miss an ingredient or a spice.”

Albert Hechme said he’s looking forward to the eventual opening of a juice bar at Hummus House, where smoothies will be sold. He said they are looking for someone to work in that area and waiting for the equipment, which is also on backorder.

Albert Hechme said he’s also a photographer by trade and plans to add black and white photos he’s taken to the walls of the restaurant, to give customers conversation pieces to admire while they enjoy their food.

He said most of all he wants people to enjoy the unique culinary experience they offer.

The Hummus House is currently open Tuesday to Saturday, from noon until 7:30 p.m. For additional information, visit

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The Hummus House is located on the first floor of the Five 10 Flats building on E. Third Street in Bethlehem. The building is home to a number of other eateries as well as a Starbucks coffee shop.

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