Saucon Campus To Open For Fall Athletes With Heavy Restrictions

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The wait has now come to a close for high school fall athletes as far as voluntary workouts on campus are concerned.  Granted, there will be many restrictions including social distancing requirements, temperature screenings and limited use of the facilities, but this is the first step on the long road back to normalcy in high school sports.  Designed using two-week intervals, Saucon Valley’s four-phased plan will begin on Monday, June 29.

Brickhouse Strength Builds Girl-Power! (photos)

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This past week the Saucon Valley School District campus was buzzing with a lively array of girls drenched with sweat and neon who ranged in the age from 7 to 13.  Dozens of young ladies spent their mornings under the watchful eye of Brickhouse Strength owner and operator Chris Fluck.  For the second consecutive summer, Chris and his staff once again introduced and taught some essential skills and techniques that are designed to enhance athleticism and, more importantly, attempt to help reduce the likelihood of injury.  More and more studies support the unfortunate idea that female athletes are more prone to sports-related injuries than males.  Chris realizes this problem and is again trying to do something about it.

Coach Ochse’s “Kick-Arounds” were Great Fun for SV Kids

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During Wednesday evenings throughout June the Saucon Valley soccer fields were painted with  a lot of pink belonging to the bright, smiling faces of girls brought together for Stevie Ochse’s first ever “Kick Around”.  Coach Ochse provided a series of free clinics geared toward female soccer players in grades 1-6.

Brickhouse Strength: A Local Establishment with Deep Local Ties

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Chris Fluck is the owner of Brickhouse Strength. It is an established health and fitness business providing quality services to a faithful following since 2015. Fluck has combined his personal experiences and philosophy with proven techniques to provide a quality fitness outlet that is growing in popularity.

Tri for Hailey: A Huge Success

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The tone was set early at the third annual Tri for Hailey this morning in Hellertown as it was announced before the race got underway that Hailey currently has no evidence of disease.

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution for Better Health

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It is no surprise that the number one resolution is to lose weight. We can all stand to be a little healthier. Whether it is eating healthier or working out, the key is to have a plan. Without a plan we are much more likely to fail since we tend to fall back into the same habits we are trying to break.

The Good Life With Chris: Small-Town Values Can Benefit Your Health

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As my hometown gets ready for a big football game this weekend, the town is showing a tremendous amount of support for these young athletes. There is something about high school football that can unite a town and show solidarity. It reminded me of a story I read a few years ago about another small Lehigh Valley town who defied logic and outlived the rest of America. In Malcolm Gladwell’s National Bestseller Outliers, the opening chapter is about the small town of Roseto in eastern Pennsylvania. In the early 1960s, two doctors got together for dinner and began talking.

The Good Life With Chris: Revolutions’ Paint Nite is a Relaxing, Fun Night Out

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Editor’s Note: The Good Life With Chris is a new column on Saucon Source in which Chris Fluck will experience activities, services and products sold or offered by local health and wellness-related businesses/organizations. To suggest a business or activity for Chris to visit/experience, please email The motivation for The Good Life column came from an issue that arose almost one year ago. I was having pains in my chest and weird “tremors” in my heart some nights before I fell asleep. I decided to go to the doctor.

Designing a Fitness Program 101

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The picture to the left is a scene from one of my favorite movies, “Good Will Hunting.” In it, Matt Damon’s character is a South Boston resident who spends his time working as a janitor at MIT. One day, he comes across an “unsolvable” equation on the chalkboard. After a few short minutes, the problem is solved. Turns out, the dude is a genius!