Working out doesn't have to feel like work

Take Work Out of Your Workout: Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

Give some thought to activities you enjoyed in the past but have, over time, stopped doing. If you find yourself wanting to live a more active lifestyle but less than enthused about traditional workout options, try making a list of your favorite physical activities from when you were a kid on summer vacation.

Dont Quit Substitute

Don’t Quit… Substitute! Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 6 mins

If your first month of 2021 did not match up to the expectations you set for yourself, it’s no reason to lose confidence in your goal, but it may be an excellent prompt to consider refining your eating technique to hit your target weight goals.

2020 in 2020 Eric Bartosz New Year 2021 Bar Talk

Getting It Done in 2021: Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 8 mins

We can probably all agree that it’s an unrealistic expectation that the world will suddenly be back to normal with a flip of the calendar page. What we can do is take steps to make sure it becomes the year we envision it to be.