How to Let Go, Forgive and Find Peace: Spiritual Corner With Amy

Getting real with yourself is not always easy or a pretty sight. But it can be the most wonderful and enlightening experience. Dig deep within yourself so you may hear your higher self over the loud voice of ego. Learn to let go, forgive and find peace on your journey.

The Good Life With Chris: Acupuncture Treatment Released Pent-Up Pain

“Well, you’re not 16 years old anymore, Chris.”

The first time I heard that I couldn’t believe my ears. I still felt like I was but the body was beginning to tell me otherwise. Aches and pains have always been a part of my life. Playing a variety of sports growing up and then living a pretty active lifestyle as an adult, there always seems to be an issue somewhere on your body. Oftentimes I would try to find a solution on my own and just kind of deal with it.