‘The Springtown General’ Will Serve as Convenient Hub, Owner Hopes

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Springtown General

The Springtown General is located in a historic building on Main Street (Rt. 212) in the village of Springtown, Springfield Township, Bucks County. Parking is available in a lot behind the building, but owner Jamie Wright says she hopes neighbors will also want to get out and walk to the store.

A new business in the heart of Springtown–part general store, part coffeehouse, part floral design center, part gift shop and part several other things–will serve as a much-needed place to pick up milk, coffee, prepared foods and other conveniences, its owner says.

The Springtown General opens Saturday, Jan. 5 at 7 a.m. and will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., said owner Jamie Wright, who will run the store with help from her family, including her three teenage children.

“This place wears a lot of hats,” said Wright, whose vocational background is as a professional gardener and floral designer in Bucks County. “We’re not a convenience store, but we’re conveniently located with convenient products.”

She said she plans to locally source as much of the wares and food she sells as possible. For example, the brewed coffee at the Springtown General is roasted by Four Monkeys Coffee in Kutztown, and bagged beans are also for sale. But while selling locally-sourced products is important, popular mainstream brands of things like soda and potato chips will also be sold.

Wright said it’s as important for her to appeal to the commuter who wants to grab a cup of coffee and something for breakfast on his way to work as it is to be a place where local moms can meet up for coffee and conversation.

A large room at the back of the building will be multifunctional; available for use by freelance floral designers, artists and hopefully artist-led classes.

“I want a place where people feel comfortable,” she stressed, adding that it is important for it be practical, too, since Springtown doesn’t even currently have a store where someone can buy a pint of half-and-half. Instead of buying things like that locally, residents typically trek to the nearest supermarket, which is miles away in Lower Saucon Township.

Wright and her family live in Springtown, not far from the store. She is originally from Lower Bucks County, she said, and previously had a store in Milford, N.J.

Before the Wrights moved to the village in 2016 they lived in Pipersville. But their association with Springtown goes back nearly two decades, and they also feel very much a part of the larger Springfield Township community, since their children attend Palisades schools.

“It’s just such a cute little community,” she said. “I love being able to walk to the post office. You know everybody.”

Jamie’s husband Blayne works for a company that did the renovations to the landmark building, which has a vacant second floor that could eventually become additional space for the business, she said.

The first floor features refinished original hardwood floors, a gleaming tin ceiling, period lighting, a counter seating area, coolers and a restroom.

One of the prize pieces of decor is a weathered wooden sign that advertised a general store that a century ago or more served the people of Springtown.

That store was located where the Springtown General will continue the local mercantile tradition, and Wright recently shared on Facebook a photo of the outside of the building in its earliest days, when the store was run by the Miller family.

All of the food that is sold at the Springtown General–things like soups, salads and sandwiches–will be prepared offsite by area purveyors such as Local Mama Catering Company and I’m Hungry Food Depot in Hellertown. Nelli Rae’s Kitchen, which is a restaurant in Revere, will sell vegan and vegetarian options there, and Wright said she’s been talking to Bowman’s North in Riegelsville about selling their food as well.

“It will be a constant rotation of items,” Wright said, noting that she’ll be learning about what sells and what doesn’t and deciding what items to bring to the Springtown General based on the buying habits of her new clientele.

“I don’t want this to be work for everyone and be stressful,” she said, describing her business ethos. “I want it to be easy.”

For more information about the Springtown General, follow the business on Facebook and Instagram, or call 484-379-3575.

Wright said she also plans to develop a website in the future.

The store is located at 3160 Rt. 212 (Main Street), Springtown, PA 18081.

A winding path leads to a gravel parking area behind the store.

Artisan wares, plants and flowers will be sold at the Springtown General.

The store’s original display windows facing Main Street have been restored.

An original Miller’s general store sign sits atop antique wooden shelving inside the Springtown General in Springtown.

The Springtown General sells locally-roasted Four Monkeys coffee, freshly brewed on site.

6 thoughts on “‘The Springtown General’ Will Serve as Convenient Hub, Owner Hopes

  1. Won’t last a day… too fu-fu for this town. If there was decent prices (most likely $6 for milk) and less “that”, I’d go. Horrible branding, as well. Name is good, logo isn’t. I like the story, not the shop. Signs are small and barely readable from the road until I’m at the building, unable to get a spot for parking.

    Stay in Frenchtown! You’ll do (somewhat) better business!

  2. Oh my gosh, did you not get your coffee? What angry grump you are. I think the store is charming. Owner is anything but “fu-fu” (and I think you meant fru-fru), she’s about as down to earth as you can get, hard working, has a great family. I wish her the best. You sir, need to check your negativity levels – way over the top. Good luck Springtown General!!

  3. What a lovely place!! I cant wait to see it open and undoubtedly SUCCESSFUL!! Supporting your local business within your business is brilliant and such a great way to positively build each other up with confidence! Dont let small minded people damper a beautiful future. Your presence will make even the most bitter person smile!! Good luck xoxo
    P.s. if the negative Nelly with the predictions of doom and gloom decides to go to your store, his $6 gallon of milk or his cup of coffee is on me!!

  4. Hey Bucksentrepre – do you even read, bruh?
    – The store is in PA and not affiliated with any store in NJ.
    – It’s not even open for another week so the fact that you’re quoting prices is ridiculous.
    – Signage is as large as your Twp allows so bitch to them about it not some random article online.
    – And finally, there’s a large parking lot in the back, of which signage is being installed this week to let customers know (who aren’t familiar with the area).

    All of which you’d know if you’d read the article. I, for one, am looking forward to their Opening (Jan 5th!) and wish them all the best!

  5. Can’t wait for the opening! The look of the store is gorgeous! I think my favorite so far is the coffee brand and restroom signage..lol.. Wishing Jamie & Blayne, good luck and success in this next chapter in their adventure.

  6. I had the opportunity to visit the store today. The vision Jamie has for the store is a great concept for residents and passersby. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack, check out the foods in the coolers, purchase some cool gifts, and just enjoy the feel of a general store. Jamie is giving me the opportunity to sign and sell copies of the eleven books I have written. I’ll be hanging out from 10 to 2 on Saturday and if you guys like me, I hope to come many more times.

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