PSPCA: Steel City Cats Died from Disease

Several cats who recently died in Steel City, Lower Saucon Township were the victims of a disease, and weren’t poisoned, the Pennsylvania SPCA announced Thursday. In a news release, the Philadelphia-based organization said a necropsy that was performed on a cat euthanized at a local animal hospital revealed the feline was suffering from panleukopenia. “Panleukopenia is a severe virus in felines which invades rapidly growing cells such as those of the digestive system, bone marrow, lymph tissue and developing nervous system,” the news release said. “Common symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, low white blood cell count and seizures.” It is spread when a susceptible cat has contact with the feces or urine of infected cats or it can be transmitted from a mother to a developing kitten within her uterus.