Local Pest Control Company’s Virucide Treatment Kills COVID-19

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Chris Snyder, owner of Quest Termite & Pest in Hellertown, applies a virucide inside Heintzelman Funeral Home in Hellertown. The virucide is approved to treat kill the coronavirus on contact.

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic many businesses are closed and others are operating remotely, in order to encourage social distancing and help prevent the spread of the virus. But some businesses must keep their doors open, and one local company now has a product available that enables them to do that more safely.

Quest Termite & Pest Control in Hellertown is one of the first companies in the area to offer an EPA-approved virucide treatment that kills the coronavirus on surfaces, where it can live for a few hours or even up to several days, according to the World Health Organization.

Quest employees recently treated the interior of Heintzelman Funeral Home in Hellertown with the non-toxic virucide, which was applied using sprayers to floors, seating and other communal surfaces.

Quest owner Chris Snyder explained that once applied, the virucide must remain wet on the surface for at least 10 minutes in order to kill the virus. After that it can be wiped off.

“Anywhere where people are going to travel, that’s where we’ll hit,” he said.

Coronavirus Virucide

Quest Termite & Pest owner Chris Snyder applies a virucide treatment inside Heintzelman Funeral Home in Hellertown. The virucide is approved for use in combatting the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Although there was no reason to suspect the presence of the virus in the building, Snyder noted that using the virucide in locations like the funeral home helps give employees as well as visitors additional peace of mind.

That said, as a new disease, COVID-19 comes with a lot of unknowns, and there is no 100 percent guarantee that any one measure will completely eliminate it.

Still, as Heintzelman Funeral Home owner David Heintzelman noted, the treatment will help provide everyone in his building with added peace of mind, and that has value.

He said he was also proud to help support another local business at a time when many are facing challenges because of the government-mandated shutdown in Pennsylvania.

“They care about us. They care about our community,” he said of Quest. “We are proud to have them in our town.”

Like Heintzelman Funeral Home, Quest Termite & Pest has been classified as an essential, life-sustaining business and will continue to operate with precautions in place during the pandemic.

In addition to commercial settings, the virucide treatment they offer can also be used in residential and institutional applications, such as in police cars and ambulances.

For more information about the virucide or other services Quest offers, or to schedule a treatment, call 610-867-7378 or email QuestPest@rcn.com.

At Heintzelman Funeral Home services are temporarily being live-streamed on Facebook Live due to the CDC recommendation that gatherings be limited to groups of less than 10.

Quest Pest Virucide Treatment

The Quest Termite & Pest Control team is standing by, ready to help local businesses, organizations and families kill the coronavirus.

Virucide Coronavirus

The virucide will kill the coronavirus if it is already on the surface of an object, however it does not provide residual protection against it. For that reason, regular treatments are recommended for areas that may be exposed to the virus on a regular basis, such as the inside of an ambulance.

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