Krunch Time! Week 1 vs. So. Lehigh (Brought to You by The Waldheim Beethoven Club)

Along the way to blowing up Southern Lehigh’s 2018 title dreams, Panther senior linebacker Kelvin Gallard blew up the Spartans attempt at a “tunnel screen” late in the 2nd Quarter.  These defensive heroics earned Gallard our first “Krunch Time!” award of the season.  When asked, both Coach Sams and Panther defensive coordinator Tony Frey referenced this particular play as being “Krunch” worthy.

Local H&R Block Offices Are Open Year-Round to Serve You (Sponsored)

Four months after the tax filing deadline, most taxpayers have put their 2016 returns behind them. So what are H&R Block’s tax professionals doing now? From tax planning and audit support to continuing education and client service, they have quite a bit to do year-round.