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Lower Saucon Fire Marshal Shares Generator Safety Tips

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Note: The following “Winter Generator Safety” tip sheet was prepared by Lower Saucon Township fire marshal Kenneth Luybli and recently posted on the township’s website. Parts of Lower Saucon and the borough of Hellertown experienced a power outage Dec. 2, when a transformer fire disrupted electrical service to more than 2,000 homes, according to PPL and media reports.

Electric generators can provide you with piece of mind and convenience when you are faced with a temporary loss of electric service. Follow these safety guidelines when operating a generator:

1. Before installing a generator, be sure to properly disconnect from your utility electrical service. If possible, have your generator installed by a qualified electrician.

2. Run generators outside, downwind of structures. NEVER run a generator indoors. Deadly carbon monoxide gas from the generator’s exhaust can spread throughout enclosed spaces. Install a carbon monoxide detector.

3. Fuel spilled on a hot generator can cause an explosion. If your generator has a detachable fuel tank remove it before refilling. If this is not possible, shut off the generator and let it cool before refilling.

4. Do not exceed the rated capacity of your generator. Most of the small, home-use portable generators produce from 350 to 12,000 watts of power. Overloading your generator can damage it and the appliances connected to it, and may cause a fire. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Keep children away from generators at all times.

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