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We’re All on the Elevator of Life. Let’s Try to Meet at the Top Floor. (Spiritual Corner With Amy)

Even if people are being fake, it’s their life. I’m too busy living my own life and going up the elevator. My hope is that we all someday meet at the top floor.

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This article is dedicated to two of my friends to whom I am grateful for recently inspiring me on these subjects: Ken Conly and Nancy Petiet.

I have heard it many times at spiritual workshops, read it in many books and practice it myself. It is called The Law of Attraction. Instead of going into the depths of what The Law of Attraction is, I will touch on a little about it and go into what this article is truly about.

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ What this means is that whatever we aim our focus on, we attract. So you will want to look at this also as, ‘don’t like, attracts don’t like.’ All of us have experienced waking up tired and our first thought is, “Great, this day is not going to go well.” Right? Then, what happens if we do not get out of that thought pattern? Our day goes exactly how we stated it would. And, in most cases, it gets worse. What if we woke up with that thought then almost immediately thought, “I’ll wake up and feel better as soon as I am out of bed or as soon as I have my coffee?” Or, “I am so grateful to be alive today!” When we change our thoughts to something positive, our day seems to get better, sometimes almost immediately. What I have learned is that the more energy we put into our thoughts (feelings, voicing, acting), the faster those thoughts manifest into more like thoughts, which then attracts more experiences based on those thoughts. And this, my friends, is what really gives us the high and low, rollercoaster experiences. As humans, we live for that ride. If we were stuck in one position for too long, we would be bored. And most of us know that we cannot appreciate the good without the bad. The spirit within us longs for the ups. The good news is that the more we practice gratitude and changing our thoughts to positive, the more ups we have.

Because we are all on different frequencies, meaning we are not all at a high or low point at the same time in our lives, our relationships with people change. And if you are like me, you will want to attract those who are beneficial to our journey, even if it means being subjected to an energy vampire in order to learn a lesson or two.

What’s an energy vampire, you ask? Oh, I am certain you have had experiences with them at some point in your life. An energy vampire is anyone who drains you. Whether they are needy, lacking self-love (and searching for it outside of themselves), never happy (or at least not happy for too long) or they always seem to have some sort of issue going on in their lives and rarely ever is it their fault (or so they think), energy vampires make us feel like we gave everything we have: time, energy, money, help, advice, and they still are not satisfied. And man do energy vampires love to seek those who love to give. They are like moths to a flame. The problem with us givers is that we rarely ever say no and that is no one’s fault but our own. We cannot personally fix or heal anyone or their journey because most people don’t want to even be fixed or healed. Besides, that is a huge responsibility for us to take on. We are all in charge of ourselves. Unless it is our job, which creates income for us, we must learn not to take on energy vampires. All I can say is you must trust your gut and watch out for the red flags. Then, have the courage to say no and walk away.

Going back to the different frequencies and the relationships in our lives… Look at it this way… Pretend you are on an elevator. Not everyone is going to the same floor. We are on this elevator of life. Not everyone is going to grow as we grow, or do so at the same pace. Some people may get off the elevator but rejoin you later in life. Some never get to the same floor as you in this lifetime. Some will actually go higher than you, and some will never leave your side. Some ask me, “How will I know?” There are tons of ways to know when you are on a different frequency than another. Here are a few:

  • Your interests and things you have in common can change. You may not feel like reaching out to certain people and they may feel the same about you.
  • Suddenly our lives seem to be too busy to connect to certain people.
  • There could be a falling out. You could post the most positive thing on social media and receive a sarcastic comment like, “Well aren’t you just Miss Positive today?”

One way that is huge for me is when I feel like garbage after being with someone who is totally not on the same floor with me and they aren’t even willing to go up the slightest bit. Negative social media postings will affect you more than ever when we are going up, as well as the news, gossip, drama and sometimes even noise. When I am home alone, 99 percent of the time you could hear a pin drop. As I am growing (going up the elevator), I like it quiet and peaceful. And because I am like that, I attract others who are the same. If you are one who likes drama and gossip, be prepared, because that is the kind of person you are going to attract. If you attract drama and gossip but do not feel you are ‘that type of person,’ maybe you’ll want to really take a good look at yourself. Often people come into our lives to mirror a behavior we are unwilling to see in ourselves. That person is there not to make you angry, but rather to show you something YOU need to work on within yourself. Once we are willing to do that, in most cases, those people go away.

Now just because we are now trying to constantly think good thoughts so we attract good experiences and people in our lives doesn’t mean we aren’t ever going to have a negative experience or meet another energy vampire. Thinking positively all the time takes practice, for one thing. And depending on how we feel, it can make it more difficult. Energy vampires (unless cut off) will never stop draining you unless they by some miracle decide on their own to work on themselves in order to heal whatever is making them that way.

To make things clear, we all have our moments of stress and depression. However, we can choose what we air out on social media or ‘vent’ to our friends. Even I have been approached with comments such as, “You are not always that happy and positive. People only post stuff on Facebook that makes them seem so fake.” My response is, “You are right, I am not always that happy and positive because I am human. But because my mission in life is to lift people up rather than knock them down or make people feel negativity (especially sensitive people), I only put out the positive stuff. That doesn’t classify anyone as being fake.” And since when did society become so judgmental? I love just to be happy for people without the need to read into stuff. Even if people are being fake, it’s their life. I am too busy living my own life and going up the elevator. My hope for all of us is that we someday meet at the top floor.

Love and light,


Amy Musser, a Hellertown resident, is a spiritual adviser and the owner of The Angel Whisperer based at Sacred Space. She was diagnosed with grade 3 astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer, over the summer. She documents her progress fighting the disease and shares inspiration on her Facebook page.

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Book reference on the subject of energy vampires:
*Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue


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