Local Public Works Employees Deserve Thanks for Snowstorm Response (Letter)

A Hellertown borough plow/salt truck heads north in the 600 block of Main Street Wednesday morning. Many public works employees were on call around the clock to help deal with the big winter storm that affected the area.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all the Hellertown employees that worked through and still are through the snow emergency. There were many people that came into the Dollar Tree that just had to be out and complaining about the roads and did not realize just how many hours one person is out for during these situations. They are human and do have to get out themselves and need to eat and sleep, etc. If they don’t they are dangerous to everyone. One person insisted these personnel stay out till it’s all done. But anyway, to the 9 or 10 guys who were out in Hellertown plowing, shoveling and doing all that in the snow, THANK YOU!! You are appreciated by a lot of us out here. Keep up the wonderful job.

Debbie Ann Schall


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