Lower Saucon Hydrant Flushing Will Take Place April 16-27

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The Lower Saucon Authority has announced that crews will be opening fire hydrants and flushing mains for two weeks starting April 16.

The flushing is part of LSA’s normal preventive maintenance of its system, and is done to remove accumulated sediment. It is the water system’s equivalent of a “Spring Cleaning,” according to the authority.

As the water will often be briefly discolored (“rusty”) during this process, customers should avoid running water and especially doing laundry on the day their area is being flushed. Iron and manganese, which are in the oxide scales being removed, can cause staining of laundry under the right conditions.

See the Laundry Tips section on the authority’s website if you inadvertently draw discolored water into your washing machine during the flush, or contact them at 610-317-3212. Do not dry or bleach affected laundry if that occurs, as these actions can help to set the stain.

Customers for whom the LSA has a current phone number will be called the evening before by their neighborhood is flushed by the authority’s automated phone messaging service (OneCallNow) and reminded that their area will be flushed the following day. If you are not sure that the LSA has your current number, call Emily (Ext. 2) or Stacey (Ext. 3) at 610-317-3212 to have your record updated. Or, click on the Update link on their website to send them an e-mail.

The following is a schedule of which neighborhoods will be flushed on which days. The system will be flushed from west to east, as shown below:

April 16: Black River Road from Old Philadelphia Pike to Bingen Road, Peach Tree Lane, Dartford Road, Bucknell Drive, Rt. 378 from West Raders to Black River Road, Stonesthrow Road, Strauss Avenue,  McCloskey Avenue, Walter Street and Evergreen Drive.

April 17: Saucon Valley Terrace including Sanbrook Drive, Highland Drive, Willowbrook Drive, Amherst Drive, Alice Drive, Glen View Drive–all cul de sacs off the aforementioned streets–Colesville Road and Merryweather Drive.

April 18: Surrey Road, Sunderland Drive, Saucon Dale Circle, North Drive, Woodland Drive, Quarter Mile Road, White Acre Drive, North White Acre, Birch Knoll Lane, Mildred Lane, Jean Lane, Sunrise Drive, West Point Drive and Bingen Road from Hickory Hill Road to Saucon Valley Road.

April 19: Hickory Hill Road, Kevin Drive, Carol Ann Way, Hilltop Road, Pleasant Drive, Cross Lane, Rambling Rose Court, Marick Circle, Majestic Overlook Drive, Dennis Lane, Quail Court and Pheasant Court.

April 20: Woodfield Drive, Sherbrooke Drive, Fieldstone Drive, Brian Jones Way and Knollwood Road.

April 23: Steel City area (all streets), Applebutter Road, Skyline Drive, Ringhoffer Road, Old Mill Road, Wildberry Road, Deer Run Road, Meadow Ridge Court, Springwood Road, Wyndham Terrace and Hawthorne Road.

April 24: Bingen area (all streets).

April 25: Society Hill: Chancellor Street, Pine Court, Delancey Street, Mattis Street, Willings Lane, Mansfield Street, Caryn Drive, Gregory Place, Jeanine Way, Felicity Lane, Skibo Road, Mill Run Court, Victor Road, Nancy Lee Court, Amelia Court, Trout Pond Court and Mallard Court.

April 26: Meadows Road, Clarence Drive, Viola Lane, Leithsville Road, Herbert Avenue, Polk Valley Road, Pearson Avenue, Penrose Street and Springtown Hill Road.

April 27: University Heights (all streets) and Seidersville Road.

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