4 thoughts on “Some in Saucon Valley School District Need a Reality Check: Op-Ed

  1. After reading this very negatively constructed opinion piece, I have nothing to say to it’s author, because it would be less than polite. Imagine a parent, commenting on our school district, that apparently has sent no children through its walls. As a local parent, who had a daughter and a grandson actually attend the district, I have a completely different opinion. Over many years I have become friends with many of the folks that actually teach and guide our children and that has been a wonderful experience. Is the district perfect, absolutely not, but it ain’t so bad either. During my very short retirement career in Real Estate sales, I learned that our district is both respected and sought after. I’m a proud Panther, and an Engineer as well!

  2. I’ll agree with many of the remarks made in this op-ed, though I will differ with where you lay the blame. “Administration” is too collective a term, perhaps the author meant the School Board (and even that is too collective) and anyone with ‘Superintendent’ in their title. Why? Because ‘surveys’ and ‘policy’ are under their domain. I know too many of the teachers to lay these problems at their feet. Understand that they are also at the mercy of the survey and policy makers.

  3. The author of this article is far too kind to the Board and Superintendent. Neither of which run the District. Saucon is an example of what happens when the Teachers Union Runs the School. Our districts Teacher salaries are in the top 0.5% nationally, our per student spending is in the top 10% of all districts in the state but our results are not, even close. The curriculum has been gutted by the “No Child Gets Ahead” policy of the district. We are one of the few Districts in the Country with an unwritten no homework Policy for Elementary students, crafted by the Union.

    When challenged on this by myself at a District Board Meeting, none of the Directors were willing to Challenge the union.. Unfortunately the abused Parents and the Taxpayers of the District dont seem to care. The board is gutting GIfted Education. STEM as well has been aggresively attacked by the board- Geometry by teaching it in a Semester instead of a year, and are combining Calc A-B and B-C into a single year class. Our districts view of Comp Sci is to teach Scratch. This is written by a parent with one student graduated from Saucon, and another still having to suffer through it. Unfortunately this years crop of board (Teachers Union) candidates are even more left leaning and progressive than the sad group we currently have.

  4. You couldn’t be more wrong if you think the the Teacher’s Union runs Saucon Valley School District. Quite the opposite actually; the Superintendent and the Board run the district and make all the curriculum and other decisions.

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