New Fencing Coming to Meadows Road Rail Trail Crossing

At Lower Saucon Township Council’s Dec. 2 meeting, township manager Jack Cahalan announced that additional fencing is supposed to be installed at the Meadows Road crossing on the Saucon Rail Trail. Cahalan said the new split-rail fencing at the Meadows Road trail crossing will force bicycle riders to slow down. The additional obstacle was recommended following an accident earlier this year in which a cyclist was hit by a car at that crossing, he said. The trail crossings in Hellertown borough and Upper Saucon Township already have fencing that forces riders to make a “chicane-style” movement, slowing them down in the process, he noted.

Thoughts on How to Improve Hellertown for People (Part 2)

A few months ago I wrote a post entitled Thoughts on How to Improve Hellertown for People,┬átalking about important fixes in the physical design of Hellertown, including the design of Main Street with its parking and pedestrian crossings along with many other topics. In light of returning home from Penn State–a great place for people–I want to focus on Hellertown once again in light of recent news of pedestrians and cyclists being hit by vehicles on the area’s streets. How can we redesign the places where accidents have happened? Main Street and Thomas Avenue, Hellertown

On Monday, May 4, a woman was hit at the intersection of Main Street and Thomas Avenue. The design of this intersection from the get-go is in favor of vehicles while marginalizing people with the long crosswalks for people and wide lanes for cars.