Bald Eagle Pair Spotted Atop Local Cell Tower

A pair of bald eagles were photographed atop a cell phone tower in South Bethlehem near Hellertown by Saucon Source reader Gene Fernandez. In two of the photos one of the birds appears to be devouring a meal, while the other keeps watch. The photos follow reports of bald eagles in the area and the submission of another photo of one of the birds taken near Rt. 412 in Bethlehem Monday morning. Photos by Gene Fernandez

Majestic Bald Eagle Spotted Near Rt. 412

A Saucon Source reader photographed a bald eagle in a tree near Rt. 412 in South Bethlehem Monday. Joe Polak said he spotted the large raptor at about 8 a.m. near the Saucon Creek bridge in an area that’s currently under heavy construction due to the Rt. 412 widening project. “I never saw one around here in the wild,” he said of the national symbol.

Watch: Bear Looks for Birdseed in Wassergass

A black bear was spotted in a yard off Wassergass Road in eastern Lower Saucon Township Sunday, according to a reader who shared a 16-second video of the sighting. Michael Karabin said the bear was first seen Aug. 10, when he gorged on about 10 pounds of birdseed after bending a bar 45 degrees to get to the feeders that held the tasty treat. On Sunday the bear was disappointed to find there was no more birdseed to be had, Karabin said. “The exciting part was when I walked around the corner of the garage thinking my wife was doing something with the cans and there stood the bear 15 feet in front of me,” he said.

Black Bear Seen on Apple Street

A Saucon Source reader reported Monday morning that her husband saw a black bear on Apple Street near Mockingbird Hill Road in Lower Saucon Township at around 8:15 a.m.

Kasie Seymour shared a photo of the bear on Saucon Source’s Facebook page. Bear sightings are not uncommon in much of Lower Saucon Township, and police have advised residents to use common sense in dealing with the animals, who are often attracted to birdfeeders and garbage cans. “Bears will not frequent or stay in an area if they cannot get enough to eat,” township police said in a statement last month. For more information about living with Pennsylvania’s black bears from the state fish and game commission, click here.


Coyote Possibly Seen on Saucon Meadow Court

Lower Saucon Township Police posted on the department’s Facebook page Thursday night that a possible coyote sighting has been reported on Saucon Meadow Court. Saucon Meadow Court is a residential street located between Colesville Road and Black River Road, east of Rt. 378 in the far western portion of the township. “Anyone who may observe a coyote is asked to stay away from the animal and contact police,” the Facebook post said. Coyote sightings have not been commonly reported by authorities in Lower Saucon Township.