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The Blizzard Jonas of 2016, Through a Child’s Eyes

Makenna Musser of Hellertown did a lot during the big blizzard. She made a snowman, drank cocoa, played chess with her dad, colored with her mom, went sledding and played with friends. It’s good to be a kid!

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Editor’s Note: The following perspective on the blizzard that dropped nearly 30 inches of snow on Hellertown¬†over the weekend was written by nine-year-old Saucon Valley student Makenna Musser. Makenna is the daughter of Amy Campbell Musser and Jeremy Musser of Hellertown. And she’s already a Saucon Source reader! This piece has been edited for spelling and punctuation at her request. We at Saucon Source are glad you had fun in the snow, Makenna, and we hope you grow up to cherish the memories you made during and after the storm.

The Blizzard Jonas of 2016

Let me tell you about the weather of 2016. We got about three feet of snow which was up to my waist. Me, my mom and my dad live on Northampton Street which is a snow emergency road, so everyone that lived on our road had to move their cars because the plow trucks had to come down our street.

Makenna Musser, 9, of Hellertown says the blizzard was scary but fun.

Makenna Musser of Hellertown says the blizzard was scary at first, but ended up being fun.

Let me tell you why I thought the storm was scary. My house has a big tree next to it that looks like it’s leaning on our house. Another reason is two years ago it got so cold we had a flood in our house. My last reason is my cat Precious goes outside and I don’t want her to get hurt. That is why I thought the storm was scary.

Let me tell about what I was doing during the storm. Friday January 22nd it all started. My mom was having a party and two of my friends came so we went outside and we were playing truth or dare. Then it started to snow so we went inside and on Saucon Source it said that a snow emergency was coming down our street so everybody started leaving and it was bedtime for me. The next morning I woke up and there was about one foot of snow on the ground! So me and my mom went outside. I tried to build a snowman but the snow was like powder. So I tried to make a snow angel but I sank! And I love to eat snow so I was eating snow while my mom was shoveling. Later on I got cold so I went inside and my dad was on our roof shoveling off the snow because if he didn’t when the snow turns into water it would leak through the ceiling. After that I went back outside and played with my neighbor Casey who is four but he wanted to play with me so I played with him. First we went sledding and then we were just playing in the snow. Then a couple hours later it was time for me to eat dinner so I went inside and ate and after dinner I played video games and then I went to bed.

The next day which was Sunday I woke up and I headed straight outside and it was sunny and it wasn’t snowing, but it sure was cold. I felt the snow and I was able to make a snowball out of it so that meant I was able to make a snowman! So Casey’s dad was outside shoveling so I asked him if he found any big pieces of snow and he did. So I had to make them into a ball and put them all together. And then I had the body of a snowman and I found a hat and a scarf buried in the snow. So I put that on my snowman and then I went inside to get something for its eyes and I found some cereal that worked as eyes. When I put the eyes on I thought it looked complete and it did not need a nose so I went inside and showed my dad but my mom didn’t go outside to see it yet because she was very cold and she didn’t want to go outside yet. So I played some video games and ate lunch.

After lunch I was coloring with my mom. Every page in my coloring book has a quote. Here is what the quote said on the page I’m coloring on. It says, “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Live, laugh, love.” That is what the quote is. After that I was drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. #yummy. While I was drinking my hot chocolate my dad was teaching me how to play chess. While we were playing chess my dad stole my queen. After chess I went outside and my snowman was not outside. It disappeared, so I built another one. After that I was jumping in the snow and I got cold so I went inside and I played with my pets Diego, Precious and Snickers. And Precious licked me! After that I went on some of my websites. After that I played video games. After that my friend Sarah came over to sleep over and her mom helped my mom unshovel her car. So we played but she had plans for dinner so they left to get dinner, so I ate at my house. I ate ravioli. After dinner I played Minecraft and then Sarah came over, so we went up to my room and watched a movie and went to bed. That is what happened during the blizzard of Jonas. Thanks for reading!!!


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