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L. Saucon Residents Should Vote ‘Yes’ to Continue Open Space Tax (Letter to the Editor)

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Lower Saucon Township resident Sarah Stanlick says township residents should vote Tuesday to approve a continuation of the .25 percent additional earned income tax (EIT) that is used to fund open space preservation.

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Dear Editor,

On Nov. 8, we clearly have a lot of decisions to make: as a township, as a commonwealth and as a nation. One of these important issues to decide on is whether or not we want to continue to support the maintenance and purchase of open space and township parks.

The entrance to Polk Valley Park, 2068 Polk Valley Road in Lower Saucon Township (FILE PHOTO)

The entrance to Polk Valley Park, 2068 Polk Valley Road in Lower Saucon Township (FILE PHOTO)

If you have run on the Saucon Rail Trail, if your children have played ball at the Easton Road fields or if you have walked your dog at Polk Valley Park, you are a direct beneficiary of Lower Saucon Township’s Open Space Preservation efforts. In both 2006 and 2011, voters approved a 0.25 percent earned income tax (EIT) to preserve open space. On Nov. 8, the EIT will once again be on the ballot, and the voters have a choice to support open space preservation and maintenance by approving the continuation of the tax.

A few points to consider:

  • To date, Lower Saucon has permanently preserved over 734 acres of conservation easements and properties throughout the township.
  • The tax is a continuation of a tax we already pay, not a new burden.
  • If we continue the EIT for open space preservation, maintenance and paying back the loan on Polk Valley Park, the township would save over $200,000 in interest.
  • This tax does not burden retired residents. It is not imposed on social security or pensions.

The measure will also ask to use EIT finances to pay off the loan for Polk Valley Park. The current wording of the measure does not allow for the EIT to be used to wipe clean that debt, and as such, it is necessary to get the taxpayers’ permission to be able to use funds for this purpose. By voting yes, the township can save over $200,000 in interest on that loan and maintain our precious public gathering spaces and farmland vital to our economy and our family farmers.

Understandably, we as often feel overtaxed; that we are paying money into systems that only benefit the few rather than the many. This effort, however, has been both fiscally responsible and provided much financial, social and quality of life benefits to the majority of Lower Saucon residents. It also allows the township to be eligible for significant grant opportunities that are investments in our natural and human resources.

Whatever you decide on Nov. 8, make sure that you are aware of the benefits and considerations that this measure is proposing. Ultimately, our shared vision should be of a vital, thriving Lower Saucon Township. The purpose of this tax is to preserve farmland, public parks, scenic views, property values, water quality and significant natural resources that make Lower Saucon Township a special area to be forever protected and maintained. I urge you to vote YES on Nov. 8.

Sarah Stanlick

Lower Saucon Township

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