L. Saucon Woman Struck Fast Food Restaurant Manager in Back, Police Say

A complaint over a slippery floor reportedly led to a dispute at a fast food restaurant, as well as two citations for a local woman, Hellertown Police said in a news release Thursday.

According to police, Christine Hofstaedter, 47, of the 2300 block of Ridge Drive, Lower Saucon Township, entered the McDonald’s at 14 Main Street shortly before 9 a.m. Monday and complained that a restroom floor was slippery.

“The manager on duty addressed the matter,” police said.

“Mrs. Hofstaedter wasn’t satisfied and caused a disturbance in the dining area,” they said.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Hofstaedter allegedly struck the manager in the back and then left in a vehicle, police said in the news release.

Police said she will be issued citations for disorderly conduct and harassment via mail.

2 thoughts on “L. Saucon Woman Struck Fast Food Restaurant Manager in Back, Police Say

  1. Guess she is used to treating the help that way! Shame on her. The manager at McDonalds is a lovely woman. Assuming it is the same one I have met. A suggestion to Mrs. Hofstaedter, use the rest room at home before you leave the house, have your coffee at home and when all else fails, use the drive through.

  2. Wow. I can see being upset, but hitting the manager? That’s just low and uncalled for. Yes, the Manager at that McD’s is very nice!

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