Panther Play of the Week: Patrick Morrissey Converts 4th & 5 Shovel Pass (Brought to You by Hellertown Bakery)

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Junior Patrick Morrissey

Junior tight end Patrick Morrissey

What do you call on 4th & 5 from midfield when your team is down in the District XI championship game?  How about a shovel-pass to the tight end?  That is exactly what the Panthers called and converted Saturday night against Bethlehem Catholic.  Not a whole lot went right for the Panthers in the loss against the powerful Hawks, but this play did.

The Panthers break the huddle into a 2×2 set.  Up top is a twins-set and toward the bottom is a tight end and flanker.  The quarterback is in the shotgun with his running back lined up just to his right.  At the snap of the ball the Panthers do not block the defensive end and let him get upfield toward the quarterback.  The running back, Christian “Mongo” Alling (#33) arc-releases and kicks out the  linebacker.  The tight end, Patrick Morrissey (#80), follows his pulling guard, Jared Harka (#61), down the heel line of the offensive line.  Harka turns up field to block as quarterback Alstan Wolfe (#5) “shovels” the ball to Morrissey who picks up the first down and much more.

Congrats Panthers on another fantastic season.  The Source is with you!

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