Twelve Days of Panther Football Record Holders: Zach Petiet (Brought to You by FC Steel)

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Zach Petiet

Zach Petiet

On the eleventh day of highlighting Panther football record holders, Saucon Source wants to pay tribute to the awesomeness of senior Zach “Lightning” Petiet.

Zach wore #23 while playing running back and defensive back for the Panthers. He was listed at 5’7″, 150. “Lightning” has struck the Panthers record books many times. Zach is 2nd in Career Total Points (284) and Career Touchdowns (46). He is 5th in Career Rushing Yardage (3,010) and 6th in Career Kickoff Return Yardage (502). He owns the 7th spot for Season Total Points Scored (122) and tied for 7th in Season TD’s (19). “Lightning” strikes for 8th in Career Rushing attempts (417) and 11th for Career Interceptions (4). Among many of his highlights, he has the 13th Longest Run From Scrimmage (75 yards in 2014). Zach also claims the 19th spots for Season Rushing Yardage (1,109) and Season Rushing Attempts (178).

Who’s #1 for total Career Points Scored? Evan Culver (2012-2015) scored 470 points.

Who’s #1 for Career Touchdowns? Evan Culver (77)

Who’s #1 in Career Rushing Yardage? Evan Culver (4,937)

Who’s #1 in Career Kickoff Return Yardage? Brandon Shuck (2007-2010) had 795 yards.

Who’s #1 in Total Season Points Scored? Evan Culver (2015) scored 292 points.

Who’s #1 for Season Touchdowns? Evan Culver (2015) had 48 touchdowns.

Who’s #1 in Career Rushing Attempts? Evan Culver (536)

Who’s #1 in Career Interceptions? Alstan Wolfe (15)

Who’s #1 with the Longest Run From Scrimmage? Nick Savant (2013) had a 94 yard TD.

Who’s #1 for Season Rushing Yardage? Evan Culver (2015) rushed for 2,934 yards.

Who’s #1 for Season Rushing Attempts? Eric Kuester (2007) carried 324 times.

Zach said it: “I am definitely going to miss Saucon football very much! It has created many unforgettable memories and bonds with so many people! My favorite Saucon football memory is definitely two-a-day practices with the boys. I have so many unforgettable memories with all of the boys on the team.”

Coach Phil Sams said it: “Zach Petiet (AKA my son) was a 2nd team All-League running back his senior year. He was also a 2nd team All-League running back his junior year when he deserved 1st Team. Zach started as a defensive back where he was a lock-down cover corner. Petiet had an excellent career running the ball at Saucon Valley. He broke many records during his time here and would have broken many more if it were not for past players like Evan Culver and Nick Savant. Over the past years we have been blessed with great running backs and Zach has left a legacy that will never be forgotten. The past two years Zach has ran for over 2,700 yards. He ran for all of those yards in only 19 starts. That is extremely impressive. Furthermore, Zach was a team captain for us who always brought good, positive energy to the team. He always made practice fun and it was a pleasure being around him day in and day out. We will miss Zach, but he has left a lasting impact on this program! I wonder who will be the next running back to take the torch from Zach?”

Congratulations Zach, and best wishes in the future. The Source is with you!

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