Panther Play of the Week: Bully Ball by the Hogs! (Brought to You by Hellertown Bakery)

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The Hogs pave the way for the Panther rushing attack.

It was another mercy-rule win on Friday night for the Saucon Valley Panthers.  The 49-14 victory over the Wilson Warriors brought with it many, many great Panther plays.  This dandy caught our eye as it features the teamwork of the Hogs.  It is a well-executed “counter” play that highlights all Panthers doing a very good job.  Playside, Patrick Morrissey (#80), Aiden Redding (#73) and Evan Deily (#65) were all able to block down and get movement without allowing any penetration from the defense.  David Osman (#60) from his center position and Christian Alling (#33) from his fullback position were able to block away allowing Jared Harka (#61) and Tim Weaver (#77) to pull from the backside.  After a little backfield fake to the left, Ian Csicsek (#28) takes the handoff from Dante Mahaffey (#12) and legs it out for a huge gain back to the right.

This is a well-designed play that was beautifully executed!

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Great job Hogs, the Source is with you!

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