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Ex-Addict Finds Sobriety, Work Through Allentown Rescue Mission

AJ art class

The Allentown Rescue Mission and HYDAC Technology Corporation are celebrating the success of a former Mission resident, AJ, who now works at HYDAC.

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A local nonprofit organization and a business are celebrating one man’s success in living a sober life.

AJ art class

AJ benefited from art therapy classes at the Allentown Rescue Mission, which provides shelter and support services to homeless men who are struggling with addiction. (Contributed photo)

When AJ first arrived at the Allentown Rescue Mission in 2009, he was struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs. He thought he could manage his addiction, and he returned to the Mission numerous times before finally embracing the support he needed to take a positive step toward a life of recovery.

The last time AJ checked into the shelter, several years ago, he was determined to change his life.

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” he recalled.

AJ ultimately completed the ARM’s Transformation Program in March 2022. He was then hired by the Mission’s Clean Team Workforce and began working as a Clean Team employee at HYDAC Technology Corporation in Bethlehem. Within six months, he became a permanent employee at HYDAC, where he continues to be employed.

He now lives independently, owns his own car and has re-established relationships with family members, including his daughter.

“It makes me feel so good to be able to do things for her,” AJ said. “I really wasn’t there for her in the past.”

“My life is the total opposite of what it used to be, I’m clean and sober and employed,” he added. “I have so many positive opportunities and supportive people around me, I can’t imagine living any other way. The Allentown Rescue Mission and HYDAC together have changed my life.”

Founded in 1900, the Allentown Rescue Mission offers homeless men shelter and faith-based recovery options. Among the programs and services it offers clients are life skills and art therapy classes. For more information about the Mission, and to learn about ways you can help, visit

HYDAC Technology Corporation provides fluid power solutions to manufacturers and other users of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. The company is committed to employing disadvantaged individuals and partners with Allentown Rescue Mission’s Clean Team Workforce to meet hiring needs.

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