No Rain Date

No Rain Date, Ep. 9: Panther Wrestling Update, Dog Trainer Q&A

No Rain Date, Ep. 9: Panther Wrestling Update, Dog Trainer Q&A
No Rain Date: A Podcast

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In Episode 9 of No Rain Date we welcome back intrepid Saucon Source sports reporter Keith “Rief” Riefenstahl, who has a big update on the Saucon Valley Panther wrestlers’ successes so far this season. Way to go, guys! Our other guest is dog trainer Rebecca Gamez, who owns The Beauty of Dogs in Fountain Hill. Rebecca explains why she uses a training program called “Training Between the Ears” and answers some commonly asked questions about canine training in our interview. As always, Tony Luchini (Lehigh Valley Weather Authority) has our five-day local weather forecast, which you don’t want to miss.

Panthers Destroy Crusaders’ Hopes for a Win on Senior Night

It is an unwritten rule that high school soccer teams choose to have their senior day when they are playing a team they feel they can easily beat. At the end of the game Thursday night, Notre Dame was regretting their decision to host the Saucon Valley boys soccer team on the night they chose to honor their seniors.

Lady Panthers Clinch Playoff Berth with Win Over NDGP

Despite Friday’s wind chill, the Saucon Valley girls soccer team (8-3-0) was red hot for their last home game of the regular season, capturing both a win over the Notre Dame-Green Pond Crusaders (4-6-1) and a chance to play for the Colonial League title in the postseason.