Cemetery Tours Bring Hellertown History to Life (Photos)

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Cemetery Tours

Cemetery Tour

A cemetery isn’t just a place of mourning. A cemetery can also be a place of learning, which was the case June 28 and 29, when Union Cemetery of Hellertown hosted its annual Cemetery Tours.

The free tours featured costumed, volunteer re-enactors portraying well-known former Hellertonians whose final resting place is within the well-manicured graveyard.

This year’s tours featured the graves of Esther Schrantz, William Szabo, Pliny Bergstresser and Arthur & Louisa Schrantz.

Participants were led from one grave to the next by Boy Scout volunteers.

Photos by Chris Christian

Cemetery Tour

One thought on “Cemetery Tours Bring Hellertown History to Life (Photos)

  1. THIS is one thing I’ll miss by not living in the Lehigh Valley any longer. If you’re from Hellertown, this is a “historical must”!

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