Week Eight Krunch Time: Kelvin catches a Tiger (Brought to You by The Waldheim Beethoven Club)

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Senior Kelvin Gallard

The Panthers fell to a 7-1 record on Friday night with a homecoming loss to the Northwestern Lehigh Tigers.  This game however, like the others, had many Krunch-Time! options.  Even though there were many high-flying offensive plays, we decided to go with defense on a night when the Panthers could have used more of it. 

Check it out…..

It was late in the game and the Panthers were desperate to get the ball back.  Kelvin Gallard (#27) at the top of screen is lined up on the 45-yardline at his outside linebacker position. On the snap of the ball, Kelvin knifes into the Tiger backfield, avoids all blockers and wraps up the Tiger ball carrier for a four yard loss.  The Tigers would end up going three-and-out to punt the ball back to the Panthers.

In recognition of this Krunch Time! award, the Culinary Experience & Catering is rewarding Kelvin with a $12 meal voucher to be redeemed at the next Saucon Source Post-Game Tailgate Party at the Waldheim Beethoven Club.  Friday night, the Panthers (7-1) will play travel to the Notre Dame Green Pond (7-1) for what amounts to be the Colonial League Championship!

Great job Kelvin, the Source is with you!

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