Couple’s Walk in Park Ends With Theft Discovery, Police Say

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A couple’s walk in a Lower Saucon Township park Saturday ended when they returned to their parked vehicle and discovered that someone had stolen the woman’s purse from inside it, township police said Monday.

In a post published on their Crimewatch site, police said officers were dispatched to the upper parking lot of Polk Valley Park on Polk Valley Road at 12:26 p.m. to take a report of a theft from a motor vehicle.

“Police spoke with the victim and her husband, who reported that approximately an hour earlier they parked their vehicle in the upper lot to take their dog for a walk,” the post said.

Polk Valley Park is home to the township’s dog park.

Police said the couple told them that when they parked they noticed a white man wearing a dark blue hoodie and blue jeans or sweatpants nearby. They reportedly told officers the man was walking back and forth in the area of the pavilion, and that they felt his behavior was suspicious.

They left their vehicle unlocked and went for a walk in the park–where they were out of the view of the vehicle–police said, and returned to find that the woman’s black Michael Kors purse had been stolen from inside it.

“The purse contained cash, cards and a cell phone,” police said.

Anyone who may have witnessed the theft or any recent suspicious activity in the park is asked to submit an anonymous tip via the department’s Crimewatch page or by calling the Lower Saucon Township Police Department at 610-317-6110 and referencing Incident #20191223M8810.

Police urged residents to always lock their car doors, hide any valuables left inside them and always take their car keys with them. Lastly, if anyone sees anything they feel is suspicious, they are asked to contact the police.

2 thoughts on “Couple’s Walk in Park Ends With Theft Discovery, Police Say

  1. So let me see if I got this story right. You go to the park to take a walk. As you are parking your car you see a suspicious character. You get out of your car, leaving an expensive purse containing your cell phone, credit card and cash in the car. When you return, the purse is gone! Wow! Who ever thought that was going to happen? I’m shocked!

  2. Haha! These have got to be the 2 dumbest people walking planet earth. They see a “suspicious” person pacing back and forth, and then proceed to leave the vehicle unlocked, with valuables inside. They might as well have just handed the “suspicious” person the valuables. I hope these morons read these posts, and realize how dumb they really are.

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