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The Big List of Yard Sales: 2019 Saucon Valley Community Yard Sale

Community Yard Sale

Are you ready to shop for bargains? The 2019 Saucon Valley Community Yard Sale is Saturday, June 1 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine, at homes and businesses throughout Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township.

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Are you ready to shop for bargains, Saucon Valley? The 2019 Saucon Valley Community Yard Sale is Saturday, June 1 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine, at homes and businesses throughout Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township.

The individual sales listed below are grouped according to municipality and neighborhood and have been linked to more detailed descriptions published online, whenever possible. A number of sales have been advertised in advance on Saucon Source’s Community Yard Sale Facebook event. You will find a map of all the sales at the end of the list, below.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. This list represents our best effort to provide a detailed guide to all the sales that will be happening simultaneously. The information below has been curated from a number of sources including Facebook, Craigslist and the Borough of Hellertown, and the sales are roughly grouped according to geographical area.

This year’s yard sale is once again sponsored by Trish Husted, Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors, and the weather forecast for Saturday looks favorable, with a forecast high of 80 and mostly sunny skies during the first part of the day.

Note: Saucon Source is not reponsible for any errors or omissions in this list that may be the result of human error, cancellation without notice and/or any other circumstances beyond our control. Late entries will be added to this list as/if time permits. Please email the address of your sale* to jo**@sa**********.com and put “Yard Sale” in the subject line (*Hellertown borough and Lower Saucon sales only).

Community Yard Sale



South Side (south of Water Street, east of Main Street)

149 Main Street, Hellertown (sale located in driveway behind house, use alley off Walnut Street to access it)

156 New Street, Hellertown

130 Cherry Street, Hellertown

150 Cherry Street, Hellertown

316 Ellen Street, Hellertown

346 Ellen Street, Hellertown

302 Cedar Road, Hellertown

308 Cedar Road, Hellertown

109 Constitution Avenue, Hellertown

132 Constitution Avenue, Hellertown

145 Constitution Avenue, Hellertown

403 Maple Road, Hellertown

820 Maple Road, Hellertown

839 Maple Road, Hellertown

433 Birch Road, Hellertown

463 Birch Road, Hellertown

445 Locust Road, Hellertown

523 Rentzheimer Drive, Hellertown

502 E. Saucon Street, Hellertown

510 E. Saucon Street, Hellertown

311 Spruce Street, Hellertown

349 Spruce Street, Hellertown

501 Spruce Street, Hellertown

541 Spruce Street, Hellertown

309 Henry Street, Hellertown

526 Henry Street, Hellertown

533 Henry Street, Hellertown

534 Henry Street, Hellertown

342 Magnolia Road, Hellertown

526 Magnolia Road, Hellertown

550 Magnolia Road, Hellertown

757 Magnolia Road, Hellertown

827 Magnolia Road, Hellertown

833 Elm Road, Hellertown

899 Elm Road, Hellertown

809 Juniper Road, Hellertown

821 Poplar Road, Hellertown

826 Poplar Road, Hellertown

109 Penn Street, Hellertown

136 Northampton Street, Hellertown

323 Northampton Street (Saucon Valley Community Center), Hellertown

North Side (north of Water Street, east of Main Street)

748 Northampton Street, Hellertown

765 Northampton Street, Hellertown (garage sale)

746 Delaware Avenue, Hellertown

760 Delaware Avenue, Hellertown (yard sale located in the alley)

752 Easton Road, Hellertown

756 Easton Road, Hellertown (back yard)

915 Easton Road, Hellertown

1109 Easton Road, Hellertown

1130 Easton Road, Hellertown

1175 Easton Road, Hellertown

1610 Easton Road, Hellertown

809 Main Street, Hellertown

820 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

828 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1055 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1056 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1058 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1062 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1119 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1421 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1430 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1475 Detweiler Avenue, Hellertown

1020 First Avenue, Hellertown

1036 First Avenue, Hellertown

1103 Second Avenue, Hellertown

1112 Second Avenue, Hellertown

1315 Second Avenue, Hellertown

1380 Second Avenue, Hellertown

1395 Second Avenue, Hellertown

1340 Third Avenue, Hellertown

1375 Third Avenue (Lower Saucon UCC), Hellertown

896 New York Avenue, Hellertown

982 New York Avenue, Hellertown

927 New Jersey Avenue, Hellertown

1034 New Jersey Avenue, Hellertown

1353 New Jersey Avenue, Hellertown

214 E. High Street, Hellertown (garage sale)

1513 Zimpfer Lane, Hellertown

1647 Zimpfer Lane, Hellertown

1614 Burkhardt Street, Hellertown

440 Cherry Lane, Hellertown

West Side (west of Main Street)

52 W. Saucon Street, Hellertown

184 Front Street, Hellertown

188 Front Street, Hellertown

211 Front Street, Hellertown

430 Front Street, Hellertown

753 Front Street, Hellertown

785 Front Street, Hellertown

66 W. Water Street (Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts), Hellertown

45 W. Depot Street, Hellertown

1301 Whitaker Street, Hellertown

1349 Whitaker Street, Hellertown

1325 Jefferson Street, Hellertown

1357 Jefferson Street, Hellertown

1522 Clauser Street, Hellertown



West (west of Rt. 378)

3753 Fire Lane, Bethlehem

1371 Trotter Lane, Bethlehem

Central (east of Rt. 378, west of Leithsville Road/Flint Hill Road)

Mill Run Court, Trout Pond Court, Nancy Lee Court, Amelia Court, Mallard Court, Victor Road (neighborhood yard sale off Meadows Road between Skibo Road and the dead end at the bridge)

1844 Clarence Drive, Hellertown

1897 Leithsville Road, Hellertown

East (east of Leithsville Road/Flint Hill Road, including Steel City)

2137 Mixsell Avenue (Steel City Mennonite Church), Bethlehem (*multi-family sale in church parking lot with food available for purchase)


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