Bethlehem Media Company Dominating New Frontiers in Real Estate Marketing

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HomeSpot Media

Credit: HomeSpot Media

Justin Torok, left, and Chad Clauser are co-owners of HomeSpot Media, a Bethlehem company that provides HD video, photography and other specialized marketing services to a growing client base that includes more than 100 realtors as well as professionals in related fields.

Anyone serious about real estate marketing in the digital age might want to get to know HomeSpot Media.

The Bethlehem-based company was founded in the summer of 2014 and has since used cutting-edge technology and marketing approaches to excel in its niche.

Chad Clauser, a founder of the company and current managing director, first became involved in real estate marketing with the Coldwell Banker Hearthside realty group. 

Clauser met Robert and Victor Cimerol of First United Land Transfer soon thereafter, and the three founded HomeSpot Media in July 2014. Justin Torok joined the team a year later and brought his award-winning videography and photography background to the company.

When the opportunity arose, Clauser and Torok were more than eager to become business partners and purchase full ownership of the company from the Cimerols.

“I jumped at the chance,” Clauser said, and the two officially became the sole owners of the business in August 2018.

HomeSpot Media offers high quality, high-definition photography, videography, special video production services such as time-lapse footage and marketing services to real estate affiliates such as realtors, lenders, home builders and local businesses. 

One of their most innovative services is their 360 home tour, which uses a variety of photography, videography and sometimes drone footage to create a fully immersive online tour of a property.

The success of HomeSpot Media comes from a commitment to constantly evolving their technology and approach.

“We’re always upgrading our technology, but the market always changes, and when the market changes we change strategy,” Clauser said.

One technology HomeSpot Media utilizes often is responsive drones. Each of their videographers is a licensed drone pilot by the Federal Aviation Administration, and the company has special insurance for its use of drones.

“We’re probably one of the only ones doing it (drone videography) properly,” Clauser said. “Each person has taken a test and has a license they have to renew every two years.”

HomeSpot Media also works closely with online entities like Zillow, Nextdoor and even Facebook, to offer their clients comprehensive real estate marketing services.

All of the company’s photographers and videographers are certified by both Google and Zillow. Zillow certification allows them to upload pictures and videos directly to a property’s listing, and also increases the ranking of the listing on Zillow, thus providing a competitive advantage. As of 2018, 110 million houses in the U.S. were listed on Zillow.

HomeSpot Media also has an in-house Facebook-certified advertising specialist, who assists in creating and launching targeted Facebook ads for clients.

Their advanced marketing strategies help realtors who try to avoid being bogged down by marketing.

“When we handle the marketing side, we take a lot off of realtors’ plates,” Clauser said.

Earlier this year, he noted, HomeSpot Media became members of both the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley and the Lehigh Valley Builders Association.

Including Clauser and Torok, HomeSpot Media currently has six team members, and works with about 100 clients–most of whom are from the Lehigh Valley.

HomeSpot’s headquarters are located on High Street in Bethlehem, just off Center Street, and Clauser and Torok feel the location allows them to serve the Lehigh Valley area well.

They briefly spoke about that as well as other keys to their success on a recent episode of local real estate agent Jennifer Schimmel’s podcast, The Voice of Real Estate.

Saucon Source is proud to be a media partner with HomeSpot Media and to offer all local realtors who use their services a discount on all display advertising and sponsored content. Please email Josh Popichak at or Chad Clauser at to learn more.

Visit HomeSpot Media’s website to learn more about the company and the services they provide. HomeSpot Media also maintains a Facebook page and an Instagram feed.

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