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Letter: Ballfield Project an ‘Extravagant Use of Public Funds’

Easton Road Ballfields

Lower Saucon Township resident Lynn Hill says township council’s recent vote to approve nearly $1.9 million for improvements to the Easton Road ballfields is an example of “extravagant use of public funds” by local elected officials.

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Easton Road Ballfield

The Easton Road ballfields are located near Mockingbird Hill Road, east of Hellertown. The Lower Saucon Township-owned fields will be improved following a recent council decision to upgrade them. (FILE PHOTO)

To the editor,

So-called ‘rumors’ of the Easton Road Ballfields project’s cost were recently cited by Lower Saucon Township Council. LST Council approved $1,887,464 for the project ‘base’ and $69,806 for sod. These amounts don’t include bleachers, dugouts, structure above the dugouts, a press box, site and field lighting or double tunnel batting cages. The lowest bid for the entire job was $3,229,826. Higher bids submitted were for $3.95 million, $4.45 million, $4.48 million and $4.54 million for the complete project.

None of the above bids include bathrooms, plumbing, a well, water fountains or a septic system. The bids include 42 parking spaces, which will not be enough if the field becomes a popular place to play. But how popular will it be, situated near a growing light manufacturing district, with tractor-trailer traffic from nearby warehouses? Saucon Valley’s kids deserve better than this.

The project seems a hastily implemented, extravagant use of public funds. Lower Saucon needs more responsible government. Please vote for deLeon, Opthof-Cordaro and Ray this November.

Thank you.


Lynn Hill
Lower Saucon Township

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