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Lehigh Valley HS Senior Earns Full-Tuition Scholarship

Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest College has awarded $80,000 in scholarships to Lehigh Valley high school seniors–including one full-tuition prize–as part of an annual competition.

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One gifted Lehigh Valley high school senior will now be able to pay for college thanks to Cedar Crest College’s annual scholarship competition.

The Allentown college announced last week that it would award approximately $80,000 in scholarships on Saturday, including one full-tuition prize; four annual $2,000 prizes; five annual $1,600 prizes; and 15 awards to students of $1,000 and $500 annually.

Officials said that for this year’s competition, a standardized test that previously helped qualify potential candidates was replaced with personal interviews and hands-on activities designed to showcase individual talents and abilities. “The event aligns with the College’s decision to continue its test-optional admissions policy, which is supported by research indicating that standardized tests are not reliable indicators of student success,” a college news release said.

With only 40 local students nominated by school guidance counselors and teachers competing for the awards, “this year’s Competition embraces an ‘In the Valley, For the Valley’ philosophy, putting the spotlight exclusively on Lehigh Valley students,” it added.

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