Bank of America

Soon-to-be-Vacant Hellertown Bank Building: What Should Go There?

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In a few short weeks the Bank of America branch at 5 Main Street in Hellertown borough will close, and a building that has housed a succession of bank branches for nearly 50 years will likely sit empty. Would you prefer that another bank open in its place, or would you like to see a different type of business rent the building?

Hellertown Home-Buying Trend: Bigger Isn’t Always Better (Brought to You by Cheyenne Reiman, Realtor)

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Low interest rates, changing economic times and a generational shift have created quite a buzz in the real estate world–both nationally and here in our own Hellertown-Lower Saucon area! Home sales for the past two months (Aug. 15, 2015 to Oct. 15, 2015) are up 15 percent from those dates in 2014. However, the trend is slowly moving away from larger homes to their smaller counterparts.

Landmark Bar/Restaurant for Sale for $700K

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A landmark bar and restaurant in the Leithsville section of Lower Saucon Township is listed for sale for $699,999 according to numerous online listings. The Leithsville Inn, 2006 Leithsville Road, has been a stone-faced fixture at the intersection of Rt. 412 and Flint Hill Road for well over 150 years. Built in 1850, according to a property listing on, the 5,940 square-foot building as it exists now includes two apartments on its upper floors and an adjacent gravel parking lot. Inside, the first-floor dining and bar areas together have seating for more than 40 people, and the restaurant has its original walk-in freezer and cooler as well as a full commercial kitchen, the listing states.