Olden Days Hellertown 1918

Olden Days, 1918: Hellertown Hotelier Handed Labor Law Violation

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In 1918, women in the U.S. did not yet have the right to vote. However, they had other protected rights, as evidenced by a newspaper article from Aug. 31, 1918 about a Hellertown hotel owner who was fined for requiring his female employees to “work more than six days a week.”

Hellertown Clock Tower Has Been Marking Time for 30 Years

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The clock tower in Hellertown’s Detwiller Plaza has become a beloved borough symbol that appears on everything from Christmas cards to the patches worn by Hellertown police officers. But did you know that barely 30 years ago, it didn’t even exist?

Hellertown History: In 1924 Robbery, Bankers Told to ‘Put ‘Em Up’

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A news account of a 1924 bank robbery at Hellertown’s Saucon Valley Trust Company reads like something straight of a pulp novel or a noir movie, with robbers who told the bank’s employees to ‘put ’em up,’ tied them up and made a dramatic escape out of town in a roadster.