Borough Council Approves Request to Have NJ Avenue Block Party

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After discussing concerns about emergency vehicle access and whether or not all the neighbors on the street would be willing to give up access to their properties for a period of time, Hellertown Borough Council unanimously approved a resident’s request to hold a block party in the 1100 block of New Jersey Avenue in mid-June.

Police Chief Robert Shupp said there are 12 houses in that block.

As long as evidence is presented to Shupp that all of the owners are OK with giving up street access to their homes for a period of time, the party will be allowed, council agreed, unanimously.

“If everybody signs off on it, then great–it’s a great thing to do,” council president Tom Rieger said.

Council also stipulated that only temporary barricades which can be quickly and easily moved out of the way be used to close the street during the party.

Borough public works director Tom Henshaw said these types of barricades are used when St. Theresa School holds its annual walk-a-thon and there has never been an issue.

Councilman Phil Weber said block parties used to take place in the borough with some frequency but their popularity has diminished in recent years.

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