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Nearly 200 Strong, Saucon Valley’s Class of 2018 Graduates at HS

The largest Saucon Valley graduating class in recent memory celebrated the completion of a major milestone at the high school Friday night.

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One of the largest Saucon Valley graduating classes in recent memory celebrated the completion of a milestone at the high school Friday night.

Saucon Valley High School’s Class of 2018 numbered nearly 200 students.

Accommodating guests for that many graduates in the high school auditorium proved a bit of a challenge, which was why tickets were very much in demand, and the ceremony was livestreamed for the first time.

The ceremony began with the procession of graduates into the auditorium and welcome remarks by senior class president Meghan Altemose.

The National Anthem and the Saucon Valley High School alma mater were performed by the high school chorus and band, and Gerald Demko was chosen by the senior class as the faculty speaker.

The theme for the evening–as woven throughout the speeches delivered by Salutatorian Samuel Ward, Valedictorian Katherine Appel and high school Principal Beth Guarriello--was an impassioned call to live in the present.

“You can’t change your past and you don’t know what’s in the future,” Ward said. “Enjoy your life now.”

Appel noted the influence of technology on the Class of 2018, who transitioned from pen and paper to using iPads in seventh grade as part of the district’s 1:1 program.

Technology has its drawbacks, and one of them is the distance it can put between people, she said, noting that she has seen groups of friends in school more absorbed by what is on their five-inch screens than by interaction with each other.

What is on those screens “isn’t real,” she stated. “Nobody is as perfect as their profile.”

Guarriello asked graduates to “live each day to the fullest” and follow three principles in their lives ahead:

  • Work hard
  • Continue to learn
  • Take care of each other

“Do not live in the past and don’t be too anxious about the future,” she advised them.

The climax of the evening was the symbolic turning of the tassel on each graduate’s mortarboard, to symbolize their graduation from Saucon Valley.

Another highlight of the commencement was the recognition of all veterans who were present–along with graduates who will be entering military service–while the orchestra performed each Armed Forces branch’s march song.

The ceremony was followed by a reception for graduates and their guests.

Members of the Class of 2018

Meghan Altemose* **, Gabrielle Altieri**, Haley Andreas, Katherine Appel* **, Daniel Austin, Fox Avery, Brynn Bambu**, Nicole Barbera, Kieran Baukal, Cassidy Beahn, Patrick Beatty, Ashley Bedner**, Ryan Berger, Ethan Bernstein**, Kylie Bodish, Vincent Borger, Amanda Borovies**, Jakob Bredbenner, Lauren Brita, Ely Brown, Savannah Bubori, Erica Budd, Nicole Butch, Camryn Butera**, Joshua Byrd, Erica Carr, Alexa Chaikowsky**, Alexander Christopher, Alyssa Coelho, Leilani Collazo Albino, Alexa Curtis, Alexandra Dale, Katherine Davies, Jiliza Davis, Dilyan Delp, Garrett Deppert, Mackenzie Dickey, Dane Druckenmiller**, Tyler Duffy, Kaleigh Dyer, Damian Dziadowicz, Maria Edwards, Elias Engelhardt, Sean Fenoff**, Gabriella Ferrara, Kimberly Filo, Jared Frace, Olivia Frey**, Christa Fryer, Thomas Gallagher, Crystal Gallard, Olivia Gardiner**, Estiven Giraldo, Daija Green, Scott Grenestedt, Hope Gress, Madison Guerrieri, Cassidy Guthrie, Katherine Guzman**, Parie Hahalis, Emily Hahr, Megan Hashagen, Courtney Heiser, Kevin Hernandez, Hailee Hero, Miles Hiebsch, Makenna Hill, Lexi Hollingsworth, Hannah Housenick, Brittany Howell, Garrett Hudak, Hannah Inglez, Connor Jackson**, Erin Jackson, Rhiannon Jaen, Benjamin Johnson**, Andrew Jones, Jason Jones, Connor Jucewicz, Kyle Kalinchock, Emma Keats, Ryan Koch, Nicholas Korin**, Dylan Kozlowski, Julia Kramer**, Helen Kreschollek**, Ava Lascelle, Jamiel Lasko, Holden Lau**, Benjamin Lehr, Samuel Lento, Renee Lepley, Victoria Ludwick, Nicholas Macarro, Jon-Luc MacLean, Thomas Madigan, Angelo Mahaffey**, Kayla Maldonado, Kyle Malone**, Lauren Malone**, Anastacia Mantoni, Jacob Mantoni, Bradley McAllister, Clare McKenna, Amanda Meadows, Ian Mease, Brandon Melendez, Kylee Messenlehner, Jared Meyer, Hannah Miller, Tyler Miller, Kathryn Milliren, Ashlynn Mixa, Bailey Morgan**, Jillian Mowrey, Jackson Newell, Jacob Nolan, Gofacks Ohene, Meghan Okken, Rebecca Old, Sara Patterson, Joel Paulson**, Megan Peggs, Zachary Petiet, Leigh Petrie, Kyle Petsch, Zachary Pinczok**, Christopher Pitsilos, Hailee Porter, Thomas Redfern, Jayden Reed, Brianna Regalis, Paul Reily, Taylor Roberts, Alyssa Romig, Taylor Roney, Joslynn Rose, Steven Rose**, Emma Rover, Alexis Royer, Nicholas Schubert, Brooke Schultz**, John Seipp, Kiya Serbia, Jonathan Sheehan, Braden Simpson, Ethan Smiley, Christopher Smith*, Luke Smith, Rebecca Sodemann, Jordan Spohn**, Savana Staats, Charles Stauffer, Nicholas Steckel, Phoebe Steuer, Andrew Stires, John Story, Samuel Striz, Tucker Stromski, Erik Sundlof, Kaan Suryel, Sara Svites, Brooke Szmodis, Benjamin Szydlow**, Phoebe Tanis, Joel Thompson, Austin Till, Cassandra Torres, Thomas Traupman, Vanesa Valencia**, Elana Valladares, Shelby VanVliet**, Michael Vautrin**, Macy Walters, Madison Walters, Briana Ward, Samuel Ward**, Chaise Weber, Cooper Weber, Tess Weber**, Andrew Wieder**, Shannon Williams* **, Madison Wilson, Joseph Winger, Alstan Wolfe**, Tyler Yeakel, Emily Youells, Madeline Zyck

*Class Officer   **Award Recipient

Names listed above do not necessarily confirm completion of graduation requirements.

Click here for a list of the Saucon Valley Class of 2018 award and scholarship recipients.

Photos By Chris Christian


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