Stuffing, Filling, Dressing: Which Do You Eat for Thanksgiving? (Poll)

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For some the answer to the proverbial Thanksgiving question of “What to call it–stuffing, filling or dressing?” is a matter of linguistic preference, while for others it’s based on the ingredients used in the actual food they’re consuming. The definitions, however, seem to become more rather than less complicated when ingredients are identified in the name of the dish, e.g. “potato-bread filling” or “bread stuffing.”Thanksgiving Stuffing

Your answer to this question may also be based on regional dialect and its affect on how your use of the English language developed. For example, some say that “dressing” is a more common term for this dish in the South.

Whatever you call this cherished accompaniment to turkey this Thanksgiving, we hope you call it “delicious” and enjoy participating in the poll below. Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you call it stuffing, filling or dressing?

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