Decorated Cars and Signs: 2020 Saucon Valley High School Graduation Photos

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Saucon Valley Graduation 2020

The majority of the cars at Saturday’s ceremony were decorated in one way or another. Most had a graduate’s name written on them and many were festooned with streamers, balloons, bows and other symbols of Panther pride in the Class of 2020.

One of the most unique things about this year’s graduation ceremony for the Saucon Valley High School Class of 2020 was the opportunity for families to decorate their vehicles in support of their sons and daughters. Doing them up in celebratory style made sense, since the entire ceremony had to be held as a drive-thru event outside the high school due to the coronavirus pandemic and a requirement to maintain social distancing.

Every space in the high school parking lot was filled at Saucon Valley High School’s novel drive-thru graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 Saturday. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, attendees were required to remain in their vehicles during the event, except for restroom breaks. Graduates disembarked from their rides only to walk across a stage set up along the bus loop, where their families had the opportunity to photograph them with their diplomas.

Another memorable moment occurred when graduates and their families departed the school district campus via the entrance at Walnut Street in Hellertown.

There they were met with congratulatory signs and messages of support from teachers and other supporters who weren’t able to be physically present at this year’s ceremony.

Teachers also decorated sidewalks along the edge of the campus with the names of all of this year’s graduates.

For our photo gallery featuring all of this year’s graduates receiving their diplomas as well as other photos from Saturday’s memorable ceremony, click here.

Due to the constraints that limited attendance and required attendees to remain in their cars the entire ceremony was livestreamed and is also available for viewing on YouTube.

A Saucon Valley Class of 2020 graduate waits to receive his diploma at Saturday’s graduation ceremony, which was held outside the high school under unique circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Among the requirements in order for an in-person ceremony with limited contact to be held was the use of face masks.

A supporter of the Saucon Class of 2020 holds a sign celebrating their “victory” over the COVID-19 pandemic, which derailed their senior year in March. Seniors and their families were greeted by sign-holding supporters as the exited the Saucon Valley School District campus onto Walnut Street following graduation Saturday.

Saucon Valley High School teacher Matt Evancho was one of those on hand to congratulate the Class of 2020 as they left graduation Saturday in Hellertown.

Grant Geiger congratulates the Saucon Valley Class of 2020 along Walnut Street in Hellertown following graduation exercises Saturday.

Teacher Bob Kachmar was on hand to congratulate Class of 2020 graduates as they left graduation exercises at Saucon Valley High School Saturday.

Some families came in pickups to allow for viewing of the ceremony from outside a vehicle cabin.

Watching the ceremony was in some ways similar to watching a film at a drive-in movie theater. Audio was available by tuning in to an FM radio station and the visuals were projected onto a Jumbotron provided free of charge for the event by Mobile Technology Graphics of Lower Saucon Township.

Saucon Valley Class of 2020 graduate Caylin Markle was all smiles as she waited in her family’s vehicle to receive her diploma Saturday.

Some attendees were able to find humor in the situation and expressed it with custom signs and banners, such as this one, which highlighted the epic toilet paper shortage that occurred in the coronavirus pandemic’s early days.

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