Op-Ed: Elect Opthof-Cordaro, Gress, Roney to Lower Saucon Council

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On Tuesday, Nov. 2 the voters of Lower Saucon Township will have the opportunity to vote for three candidates for Lower Saucon Council. I urge the voters of Lower Saucon to cast their ballots for the Democratic ticket of Victoria Opthof-Cordaro, George Gress,and Tom Roney.

Dem Candidates

Credit: Democrats for Lower Saucon Township

Democratic candidates for Lower Saucon Township Council (from left) George Gress, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro and Tom Roney have been endorsed by State Rep. Bob Freeman (D-136), whose district includes part of Lower Saucon Township.

These three candidates are committed to protecting the township’s volunteer emergency responders, restoring oversight of the landfill, preserving parks and open space, promoting a respectful dialogue at council meetings that will encourage the input of residents and providing an open and civil forum for the resolution of township decisions. They believe in transparent and accountable township government.

Opthof-Cordaro, Gress and Roney are sincere and dedicated individuals who will be excellent public servants and will always put residents first.

Bob FreemanState Representative Bob Freeman (D)
136th State House District*

*The 136th State House District includes parts of Lower Saucon Township along with Hellertown borough, Freemansburg borough, West Easton borough, Wilson borough, Glendon borough, the city of Easton, Williams Township and parts of Palmer Township.

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