Driver of Broken-Down Car Broke Into Home to Use Internet: Police

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Car trouble during a “severe weather event” was a motorist’s excuse for breaking into an unoccupied home in Bucks County to go online, state police at Dublin said Tuesday.

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The Pennsylvania State Police badge.

In describing the case, police said officers responded to the residence on Twin Lear Road in Tinicum Township early on the morning of Sept. 2 to find a damaged kitchen door.

Police further explained that the unnamed motorist’s Volkswagen allegedly “had become disabled” during the extreme weather event, which wasn’t described.

They said the individual smashed a window in the door in order to gain access to the home and estimated the damage to it at $500.

According to the news release, which listed the victims of the break-in as two 40-year-old men, the investigation into the alleged trespassing incident is ongoing.

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