2022 Saucon Valley Community Yard Sale Map & Guide

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2022 Saucon Yard Sale Map

The waiting is nearly over. The Saucon Valley Community Yard Sale sponsored by Trish Husted of Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors, Hellertown, will be held this Saturday, June 4, 2022 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Hellertown borough and Lower Saucon Township.

This year, nearly 120 households and organizations are participating in the community-wide yard sale, which has been held in Saucon Valley for more than 15 years.

For your convenience, you’ll find the addresses for many of the yard sales that will be taking place both mapped and listed below. Note that two Hellertown churches–St. George’s Episcopal Church and Christ Lutheran Church–will be hosting multiple sales.

The weather Saturday should be nearly perfect for outdoor activities, with mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of 75 degrees forecast.

Happy yard saleing!

Community Yard Sale Map

List of Yard Sale Addresses
1375 3rd Ave, Hellertown
1476 Willowbrook Dr, Bethlehem
1827 Viola Ln, Hellertown
906 New Jersey Ave, Hellertown
456 Maple Rd, Hellertown
1035 Easton Rd, Hellertown
501 Spruce St, Hellertown
920 Easton Rd, Hellertown
150 W Walnut St, Hellertown
308 Cedar Rd, Hellertown
339 Durham St, Hellertown
1034 New Jersey Ave, Hellertown
814 Willow Rd, Hellertown
814 Poplar Rd, Hellertown
215 Constitution Ave, Hellertown
838 Juniper Rd, Hellertown
315 Linden Ave, Hellertown
78 Kiernan Ave, Hellertown
1606 Woodfield Dr, Bethlehem
937 Easton Rd, Hellertown
940 Easton Rd, Hellertown
309 Henry St, Hellertown
338 Northampton St, Hellertown
427 Birch Rd, Hellertown
1209 Easton Rd, Hellertown
409 Willow Rd, Hellertown
102 Ackerman St, Hellertown
839 Maple Rd, Hellertown
2041 Pleasant Dr, Bethlehem
838 Maple Rd, Hellertown
918 New Jersey Ave, Hellertown
346 Ellen St, Hellertown
844 Magnolia Rd, Hellertown
2100 Riverside Dr, Bethlehem
105 Northampton St, Hellertown
545 E Walnut St, Hellertown
915 Magnolia Rd, Hellertown
338 Constitution Ave, Hellertown
450 Maple Rd, Hellertown
115 Kichline Ave, Hellertown
314 Willow Rd, Hellertown
1728 Hill Dr, Bethlehem
1430 Detweiler Ave, Hellertown
1325 Jefferson St, Hellertown
525 Spruce St, Hellertown
980 Juniper Rd, Hellertown
1109 Easton Rd, Hellertown
3536 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bethlehem
1125 Easton Rd, Hellertown
3575 North Dr, Bethlehem
120 Constitution Ave, Hellertown
1349 Whitaker St, Hellertown
1540 Bleyler St, Hellertown
186 Front St, Hellertown
756 Easton Rd, Hellertown
880 Poplar Rd, Hellertown
1398 Jefferson St, Hellertown
1647 Zimpfer Ln, Hellertown
1884 Victor Rd, Hellertown
580 Miller St, Hellertown
1853 Viola Ln, Hellertown
326 Durham St, Hellertown
420 Maple Rd, Hellertown
951 Juniper Rd, Hellertown
514 Rentzheimer Dr, Hellertown
2018 Hilltop Rd, Bethlehem
833 Elm Rd, Hellertown
233 Willow Rd, Hellertown
765 Northampton St, Hellertown
1885 Mill Run Ct, Hellertown
1395 2nd Ave, Hellertown
315 Ellen St, Hellertown
502 E Saucon St, Hellertown
730 Magnolia Rd, Hellertown
468 Maple Rd, Hellertown
1023 1st Ave, Hellertown
119 E High St, Hellertown
121 New St, Hellertown
2108 Snyder Ave, Bethlehem
180 Wilson Ave, Hellertown
2145 Wassergass Rd, Hellertown
526 Henry St, Hellertown
1880 Jeanine Way, Hellertown
1737 Reading Dr, Bethlehem
2377 Wassergass Rd, Hellertown
1012 3rd Ave, Hellertown
2120 Johnston Ave, Bethlehem
2196 Kistler Ave, Bethlehem
305 E Walnut St, Hellertown
1062 Detweiler Ave, Hellertown
426 Birch Rd, Hellertown
1250 2nd Ave, Hellertown
182 Front St, Hellertown
2195 Rose Ln, Hellertown
1120 1st Ave, Hellertown
827 Poplar Rd, Hellertown
1781 Reading Dr, Bethlehem
1610 Riegel St, Hellertown
475 Birch Rd, Hellertown
117 New St, Hellertown
204 Durham St, Hellertown
1885 Dartford Rd, Bethlehem
1089 2nd Ave, Hellertown
939 Detweiler Ave, Hellertown
1912 Leithsville Rd, Hellertown
33 Roth Ave, Hellertown
445 Maple Rd, Hellertown
3483 Reservoir Rd, Hellertown
906 New Jersey Ave, Hellertown
1955 Meadows Road, Bethlehem
927 New Jersey Ave, Hellertown
1053 Main St, Hellertown
69 Main St, Hellertown – Christ Lutheran Church (Multiple Sales)
735 Delaware Ave, Hellertown – St. George’s Episcopal Church (Multiple Sales)

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