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Vote for Saucon Valley in ‘What’s So Cool About Manufacturing’ Contest

Manufacturing Contest

The Saucon Valley Middle School iteam is participating in the annual “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” contest with a video they produced about kitchen cabinet manufacturing at Kitchen Magic in Nazareth. Vote for the team from March 1-3 at

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Note: Vote in the contest from Wednesday, March 1 to Friday, March 3. Votes can be cast for the Saucon Valley Middle School team here.

By Helen

On Nov. 2, 2022, the Saucon Valley Middle School iteam traveled to the Nazareth-based company Kitchen Magic to record and learn about manufacturing. With the help of team leaders Ms. Lesney and Mr. Austin and our guides at Kitchen Magic, we were able to explore the world of manufacturing and the skill used to remodel and refurbish kitchens. As a team, we learned about the machinery and resources used in the factory. We had no idea such precision and teamwork were needed to create even a seemingly simple kitchen cabinet.

But “why?” you may ask, were we collecting all this information, despite it being incredibly cool? Well, the Saucon Valley Middle School iteam is involved in the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” contest in which middle schools throughout the country are assigned a manufacturing company to learn about and, as a group, create a two-and-a-half minute video about a manufacturer.

For us, collecting all our footage and information was simple. The hard part was taking the hours of footage and cutting it into a short video. We decided on a general plot for our video which was the importance of vocational schools, and, on that small note, we got to work. We made costumes, set up green screens, did take after take of acting clips and edited for weeks. Together, we were able to devise a well-planned, informative video.

We are all very proud of ourselves and have hopes of winning an award in the contest. One award, the “Viewers Choice” award, is the one we ask you to help us with today. We would really appreciate it if you would vote for our video at between March 1 and March 3 (you may vote multiple times). Wish us luck–and the Saucon Valley Middle School iteam thanks you!

Helen is a Saucon Valley Middle School eighth grade student and iteam member.


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