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Letter: Blair, Inglis & Yerger Are Best Choices for L. Saucon Council

Writing as a resident, Milou Mackenzie of Lower Saucon Township says she believes “outsiders” who “seem interested only in issues that stand to benefit neighboring Hellertown”–including state Rep. Robert Freeman (D-136)–are trying to influence what happens in this year’s township council race. Mackenzie is a Republican state representative who represents parts of Lower Saucon Township, as does Freeman.

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Note: Milou Mackenzie is a Republican state representative representing the 131st legislative district, which includes parts of Lower Saucon Township. She lives in the township and has submitted the following letter as a resident.

Dear Editor,

As the Nov. 7 election draws near, it has become abundantly clear that the most qualified candidates for Lower Saucon Township Council are Susan Blair, Mark Inglis and Sandra Yerger.

These truly thoughtful and dedicated citizens have deep roots and long histories in the township. All three raised their families here and are devoted to maintaining the highest quality of life for all of us who live here.

I know for certain that they will be fiscally responsible and respectful of our hard-earned tax dollars. They will preserve our open space and work hand-in-hand with our police and fire departments to keep our community safe.

Perhaps most important are the skills they bring to the job of representing Lower Saucon. Susan Blair is a community leader committed to helping others. Mark Inglis is a capable and successful businessman who has had a business here for 40 years. And Sandra Yerger has been recognized for her solid practical experience gained while serving on the council for 20 years.

It is odd to me that so many outsiders–led by Rep. (Robert) Freeman*–have decided to step in and try to influence what happens in our Lower Saucon Council race this year. These outsiders seem interested only in issues that stand to benefit neighboring Hellertown–and they have chosen to support the candidates they believe will stand with them.

As State Representative, I am not speaking out about any of the other municipal elections that are occurring throughout my legislative district. I am definitely not weighing in on the Easton elections where Rep. Freeman lives. That would not be my place.

Furthermore, I am not speaking out in this situation from my position as a state legislator. I am speaking out as a homeowner, taxpayer and citizen of Lower Saucon Township. I speak out with concern for the future of the township, for myself and all other Lower Saucon residents who will have to live with the consequences of this election. With that in mind, I strongly recommend that everyone vote for Susan Blair, Mark Inglis and Sandra Yerger.


Milou Mackenzie

*State Rep. Robert Freeman (D) represents the 136th legislative district, which includes parts of Lower Saucon Township and the Borough of Hellertown.


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