Hellertown History: A Brief History of Telephones in Town

In an era when many people go without landlines–in favor of their cell phones–the notion that a landline was once considered a luxury may seem quaint. But for much of the 20th century, telephones in the home were a novelty and certainly not something to be taken for granted. And Hellertown was no exception.

Phone Scam Alert: Lower Saucon Resident Says He Was Scammed Out of $1,000

A Lower Saucon Township resident reported to Saucon Source Saturday that he was scammed out of $1,000.99–most of his available cash–Friday by apparently sophisticated phone scammers who used 20-year-old personal financial data they somehow obtained to convince him he would be sued in court to recover an $8,000 debt if he didn’t make a settlement payment immediately.