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Fork’d Handmade Pierogies Make Fire Station Culinary Destination

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If you’re looking for authentic midwestern pierogies in the Lehigh Valley, look no further than Fork’d Handmade Pierogies in Lower Saucon Fire Rescue’s Leithsville fire station on Rt. 412 south of Hellertown.

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Fork’d handmade pierogies are known for being a cut above the fare you’ll find in many local establishments that serve the popular filled pieces of dough. Available in unusual flavors like Spinach, Egg & Feta, the pierogies are winning rave reviews.

There’s no doubt that if you’re from the Lehigh Valley, you’ve heard of pierogies. In fact, you may even be a pierogi snob. And you’re definitely aware there’s not much better than a homemade pierogi.

If you’re looking for authentic midwestern pierogies in the Lehigh Valley, look no further than Lower Saucon Fire Rescue-Leithsville Fire Station on Rt. 412 south of Hellertown. Fork’d Handmade Pierogies has been operating out of the fire station in Lower Saucon Township for a number of months; a partnership which has worked out well so far.

Fork’d owner and founder Abbey Gordon makes each pierogi by hand, combining local, fresh ingredients with innovative flavors and recipes. It’s a family business which has helped Gordon forge a close-knit relationship with the volunteer fire company.

Fire Station Pierogies

Lower Saucon Fire Rescue-Leithsville Fire Station is located on Rt. 412 in Lower Saucon Township. Along with Se-Wy-Co and Southeastern, it is one of three fire stations in the township that are part of Lower Saucon Fire Rescue (FILE PHOTO).

Pierogies have been a passion of Gordon’s for years.

A well-rounded culinarian, she served for 10 years as the event director at Hotel Fiesole in Skippack. After running Clucky Cafe, an Irish-American-themed restaurant in Coopersburg, for three-and-a-half years, she branched out into the wholesale world to help move her pierogi business forward. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, the kitchen space Gordon had been using became unavailable.

“That’s when I reached out to several fire departments to see if there was any availability to use a certified kitchen,” she said. “I was so lucky to have so many people offer their space to me, but in the long run the Lower Saucon kitchen in Hellertown was the perfect fit.”

And that’s how Fork’d found a unique home in Leithsville. Every delicious pierogi Gordon now produces there is made entirely by hand, except for the dough.

“I use my mom’s KitchenAid (mixer) she gave to me when I left Wisconsin 20 years ago,” she explained. Otherwise, Gordon, with the occasional help of her two sisters, stirs, shapes and cooks the pierogies without relying on machinery or fancy gadgets.

Fork'd Pierogies 1

Aside from a trusted KitchenAid mixer she brought with her from her native Wisconsin two decades ago, Fork’d Handmade Pierogies owner Abbey Gordon makes her delicious dough pockets filled with sweet and savory flavors entirely by hand.

The pierogies available from Fork’d come in a variety of creative flavors, from savory to sweet. Breakfast flavors are popular and include Bacon, Egg and Cheese and Spinach, Egg and Feta, among others. Other fun flavor combinations are Buffalo Chicken and Creamy Spinach Artichoke Jalapeno, and popular sweet varieties include Apple Pie and Blueberry Lemon Ricotta. For the current list of flavors, visit

Fork’d takes pride in using locally-sourced ingredients and products whenever possible, according to Gordon.

“I’m a huge fan of supporting small businesses,” she said. As part of that community commitment, Fork’d is planning a fundraiser for Lower Saucon Fire Rescue, which is set to begin in March. Follow the fire company on Facebook for details about the fundraiser and a link to an order form, or call Gordon at 484-252-1980 for further details.

Fork’D will also be supporting a Breinigsville foster-based rescue called PA Caring Hearts. For information, follow their Facebook page or contact Gordon at 484-252-1980.

For regular customers, Fork’d offers a flexible delivery and pick-up schedule that is based on each customer’s needs. If you find yourself in the area, you can expect to find Gordon at the Leithsville fire station from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. FDA health and safety regulations as well as CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19, including mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing, are followed in the kitchen.

Lower Saucon Fire Rescue-Leithsville Fire Station is located at 1995 Leithsville Road, Hellertown, Pa.

Check out the Fork’d Facebook page and the website so you can sample some of Gordon’s pierogi perfection sooner rather than later.

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A lot of love–not to mention, labor–goes into crafting the artisanal pierogies Abbey Gordon produces in the kitchen at Lower Saucon Fire Rescue-Leithsville Fire Station in Lower Saucon Township. For a full list of available flavors, visit


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