‘The Aging Moon’ Takes Charcuterie Out of the Box and Into Homes

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The Aging Moon Charcuterie Cheese Board

Credit: The Aging Moon

The Aging Moon offers a charcuterie board delivery service for Lehigh Valley residents, who have been singing its praises. Each board is hand-assembled by owner Abby Hudock, who has a deep appreciation for cheese and other culinary delights.

Few pleasures surpass the joy of eating cheese. From tasting it to cooking with it to pairing it with aged meats and fine wine, cheese appreciation is an artful experience for food-lovers, be they budding brie-eaters or connoisseurs of camembert.

As such, it often takes a skilled culinarian like Abby Hudock to assemble a masterful array of cheeses. Hudock is owner of the Aging Moon, a new charcuterie delivery service through which she shares her love of artisan food pairings with the Lehigh Valley. While she includes meats, fruits and various other delectable ingredients on her charcuterie boards, cheese is the star of every platter.

A Moravian College graduate, Hudock said she’s been a “foodie” all her life.

After working in a cheese shop for five years, she decided to hone her talent for putting plates together by opening the Aging Moon.

“I’ve always loved cheese, and thought, ‘Why not make it a job?’” she said. “And now it’s a dream come true.”

Hudock delights in buying products from local farmers’ markets, as well as Wegmans, Costco and Wittman’s World Cheeses at the Allentown Fairground Farmers Market.

The Aging Moon Cheese Charcuterie

Credit: The Aging Moon

The Aging Moon’s carefully-assembled charcuterie boards come in a variety of sizes, from petite to event-size.

When asked about the origin of her business’s name, Hudock explained that “the ‘moon’” in the name is a reference to her dog, Luna.

“I took Latin in school, and always enjoyed it,” she said. “And the ‘aging’ part comes from the fact that I’m young, and still learning as I build my business.”

Each platter is intricately designed according to carefully-selected flavor profiles, and a list of suggested wine pairings comes with each delivery. For example, Hudock’s favorite cheese, a hard Italian variety called piave, comes with a suggested pairing of Pinot Grigio.

“Piave is melt-in-your-mouth creamy with an edge–kind of like parmesan,” she explained. “It goes great with Pinot or Chard. And goat cheese goes well with Prosecco, since the bubbles bring out its tang.”

Each plate includes fruits, meats or nuts, chosen according to the cheese’s unique flavor.

Hudock only incorporates top-quality salami, sopressata, prosciutto and other cured meats in her creations. Some platters include chocolate, or honey, which she infuses with lemon. Delicious salted nuts can be included, too, especially if the board includes a nutty cheese like asiago. Customers can pick and choose by telling Hudock which flavors they like–and which they don’t–on her order form. Hudock also offers a variety of beautiful chocolate-covered strawberry arrangements, perfect for a cozy date night at home.

The size of the charcuterie boards varies and ranges from petite boards for one or two people to medium boards for intimate gatherings to large platters–including “The BIG Cheese”–for special occasions. Prices start at $25 and top out at $125 for a board that is meant to serve 10 or more people. Delivery is currently free for Lehigh Valley residents. 

Hudock said she is thrilled to be able to share her passion for fine food with the community. To order, customers should use her Google Order Form or check out the Aging Moon’s online shop on Square. The Aging Moon is also on Instagram and Facebook @theagingmoon.

The Aging Moon Cheese Charcuterie

Credit: The Aging Moon

In addition to being a cheese-lover, Hudock is also a chocolate-covered strawberry gourmand. Customers will find the decadent treats for sale via her charcuterie board delivery service, The Aging Moon.


Credit: The Aging Moon

Every board Hudock creates comes with suggested wine pairings inspired by the cheeses it features.

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