Olden Days, 1921: Hellertown Cracks Down on Dirty Gutters

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If you think local officials are too strict about enforcing property maintenance codes today, perhaps you should consider traveling back in time…to Hellertown, circa 1921.

In the summer of 1921, The Morning Call published the following story about an effort by the town council and Hellertown Police to crack down on residents and business owners who were allegedly allowing “refuse” to accumulate in gutters along their sidewalks.

The July 22, 1921 news story also included a smorgasbord of other local updates, including news of a borough bakery’s opening and the sale of two cars to local motorists.

Ordinance to Be Enforced

The town council is going to enforce the ordinance relating to the throwing of refuse, water, etc., into the gutters along some of the streets. They have directed the chief of police to inforce it to the limit and he therefore warns all parties guilty of such an offence to stop the nuisance or arrests will follow. Ordinance 66 item 19 reads as follows: To permit stagnated water, grass, weeds, etc. to accumulate and remain in any gutter along the sidewalk which may front the lot, residence or store owned or occupied by any person will be subject to a penalty of $5 if arrested and found guilty before the chief burgess or any justice of the peace.

Church Picnic

The Reformed congregation at Old Williams church will hold its picnic on Saturday July 23.

Bakery to Open

Today the Hellertown Bakery, South Main street, under the management of Charles Ache, will open for business.

Sells Cars

The Hellertown Garage sold a Paige to Jacob Randt of Bethlehem and a Ford to John Powell of Bethlehem, during the past week.

This story about an effort by Hellertown officials to enforce property maintenance appeared in The Morning Call on July 22, 1921.

About this column: Olden Days is a regular Saucon Source series in which newspaper clippings in the public domain are used to highlight area news from the early 1900s.

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