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Letter: ‘Heartbreak’ After Boy Told He Can’t Borrow Books from Library


Lower Saucon resident Deb Peters writes that township elected officials should “reconsider the damage” she says they’re doing to the community, including kids like her son. Officials said Friday that they plan to pursue legal action against the state for removing the township from the Hellertown Area Library’s service area effective Jan. 1. HAL requested the change after the township ended its ongoing financial support by rejecting a new five-year agreement earlier this year. The immediate impact is the loss of Hellertown library privileges for thousands of township residents as of Sunday.

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Editor’s Note: Lower Saucon Township says it will pursue legal action against the state for approving a Hellertown Area Library plan removing Lower Saucon from its service area. The change takes effect Jan. 1 and will leave township residents without a home library. HAL made the request after the township stopped providing regular financial support for library services by rejecting a new five-year-agreement earlier this year. The township has said it will reimburse residents up to $40 if they purchase library cards from area libraries that offer them for a fee, although it is unclear which–if any–local libraries offer or will be offering them to nonresidents on that basis.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to let you know how saddened I am with what is going on between Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township. I realize there are two sides to every story and that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. However, I also know that there are some big egos and personal issues at play here as well. It feels a bit like Lower Saucon is playing the victim, whereas they are really the bully. I spoke at length with people at the Hellertown Area Library and they say they are wanting and willing to work together. It seems to be Lower Saucon that is not willing to work things out. And now they could end up suing them?! How absolutely absurd!

The amount of money that Lower Saucon has spent on legal filings and serving the library could have been put towards the funding of the library. I’m sure it would more than cover the money we gave them a year. I would never have approved my tax dollars to be allocated this way! You can pass the blame and twist things to try and justify your actions all you want, but that is coming at a cost to all of us Lower Saucon residents. My son is a high honor student at Saucon Valley and he loves to read. You should have seen his face when we were at the library and he was told he could not take out anymore books. It was heartbreaking. Please reconsider the damage you are doing.


Deb Peters
Lower Saucon Township

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