EGG ROLL POLL: Where’s the Best Chinese Food in Saucon Valley?

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Chinese Food

From egg rolls to pork lo mein to orange beef and Crab Rangoon, Americans are known for eating a lot of Chinese food, and local folks are no exception to that rule.

Saucon Valley* residents have their choice of places to grab a container or two of Chinees takeou, with more than a few established area restaurants serving Asian-inspired dishes.

We’d like to know what your favorite Chinese restaurant in Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township is. Vote in our poll by clicking on the link below.

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*Saucon Valley, for the purposes of this poll, is defined as the two municipalities that comprise the Saucon Valley School District: Lower Saucon Township and Hellertown borough. Our survey choices are all brick-and-mortar eateries whose primary menu focus is on Chinese food. Businesses that deliver Chinese food to Saucon Valley addresses but aren’t physically located in either Hellertown or Lower Saucon Township are not included in this poll. Did we miss a place? You can vote for a local Chinese restaurant other than those that are listed by selecting “other” and writing in a response.


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