High Point Kombucha

Saucon Valley Farmers’ Market Vendor Highlight: High Point Kombucha

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High Point Kombucha is excited to be back at the Saucon Valley Farmers’ Market for a second consecutive season to sell their delicious, local, and organic kombucha. As a fermented food, kombucha provides a long list of health benefits. Fermented foods are a natural source of probiotics, which aid in digestion, repair cell membranes, improve immunity, and keep your gut healthy.

No Cookies for You! Tom Wolf’s Gift Ban Foils Sweet-Toothed PA Employees

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Some sweet-toothed state employees were busted by Pennsylvania’s inspector general for skirting the Wolf administration’s gift ban. Their offense: accepting a plate of holiday cookies. The cookies, which the inspector general notes were “homemade…and were of nominal value” and were “presented on an ordinary tray and not a basket or other decorative container and were for everyone at the Center and not any specific employees,” were apparently a traditional offering from the owner of a vendor company to their business partners, including one local PennDOT Drivers License Center. The inspector general cleared the state employees of any wrongdoing–the cookies were not a violation of PennDOT’s gift policy at the time because the policy only banned gifts of “substantial value”—but reminded them of the new statewide gift ban imposed by Gov. Tom Wolf. That ban, which covers all administration employees as well as state employees in executive branch agencies like PennDOT, supersedes agency-specific gift policies, the inspector general ruled.